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1 Charlemagne


3 Charlemagne Revives Europe (for a little bit)
Becomes king of the Franks in the late 700s Conquers and unites an empire Spreads Christianity (by force) Sets up palace schools to educate people Tries to revive trade and the use of money Sets up the government system of feudalism

4 Saves the Pope in 800 and is crowned “Holy Roman Emperor”
Charlemagne saved the Roman Catholic Pope in 800 A.D. Was crowned “Holy Roman Emperor” by the Pope Many years after = thought of as a Christian hero/king

5 Charlemagne’s Empire

6 “The Father of Europe” Known as the “Father of Europe” because of his influence on European culture. Even through his empire did not last beyond his own lifetime. -promoted Christianity -revived some education -first to unite Europe after Roman Empire -laid the foundation for governments after him

7 His Empire Crumbles After his Death
Dies in 814 A.D. His empire did not last long Eventually his lands were divided amongst his grandchildren And….

8 The Vikings (and others) Invade!!!
Just before Charlemagne died, Western Europe started to face invasions from all directions. These invasions slowly destroyed the Frankish empire

9 Viking’s Video Clip

10 Summary What would have happened had the Vikings never invaded Western Europe? Explain your thinking.

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