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Week Twelve (November 7-10)

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1 Week Twelve (November 7-10)
Day 1 Chapter 12 Quiz (SPICE Chart- Mayan, Aztec, Inca Due) Day2 Chapter 13 Quiz (SPICE Chart- Mongols, Yuan, Kamakoru Shogunate Due) Week Thirteen (November 14-18) Day 1- Day 2- Chapter 14 Quiz (SPICE Chart- Mali, Delhi Sultanate Due) Week Fourteen (November 21-22) Day 1- Unit Exam

2 Chapter 9





7 The Byzantine Empire, 300–1200 Preserved Roman traditions
Emperor controlled the patriarch of Constantinople Foreign pressures Goths and Huns Sassanid Arab Umayyads Political and Religious fighting with Western Europe Great Schism of 1054

8 Byzantine society Retained an Urban lifestyle Loss of middle class
Women lost power Byzantine emperors controlled economy to help cities Rural areas suffered Unified the Roman legal code - Body of Civil Law Cyril and Methodius Preached and taught Slavs of Eastern Europe

9 Early Medieval Age 300–1000 No central Authority Feudalism
Weak kings Gave fiefs to Vassals Rural self sufficient manors Lord –Mounted Knight Serfs Poor diet Very little scholarship or advancement Noble women were used as Pawns Carolingians united Europe briefly Charlemagne Attacked by Arabs and Vikings in the North

10 The Western Church Little Unity in the West came from Catholicism
Lead by Pope and Bishops Held Great power over political leaders –Excommunication Holy Roman Emperor Investiture Controversy Henry II of England Monasteries developed Centers of literacy Cared for needy

11 Later Middle Ages 1000–1200 Agricultural technology grew-
Population grew Cities were independent of lords Self governing Centers of Commerce and manufacturing Kings were able to tax cities directly Decreased the power of the nobility Moving towards the advancements of the Renaissance

12 The Crusades, 1095–1204 Christians attacking Muslims
Religious Zeal Knights looking for a reason to use their skills/knowledge Younger sons wanted land Trade 1095 Pope called for Christians to stop fighting and attack Muslims Effects Muslims regained land Europe regained lost knowledge from Muslim scholars Europeans developed a taste for foreign goods

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