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EQ: Why did Feudalism begin in Europe during the Middle Ages?

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1 EQ: Why did Feudalism begin in Europe during the Middle Ages?
The Rise of Feudalism EQ: Why did Feudalism begin in Europe during the Middle Ages?

2 What is this picture saying about Feudalism?

3 Intro The Rise of Feudalism was a direct result of the collapse of the Roman Empire, and its control Feudalism is at the center of the time period we call the Middle Ages The middle ages lasted from the Fall of the Roman Empire around 400c.e. to about 1400c.e. The middle ages occurred in Western and Central Europe This was a period of time often called the “Dark Ages” because of low standard of living for most Europeans This period of time was dominated mostly by Feudalism and the Roman Catholic Church Answer this question on a piece of paper. Why do you think so many people would be willing to give up their freedom and standard of living during the Middle Ages?

4 Europe

5 The Fall of the Roman Empire
The Roman Empire at its height in 117c.e. controlled nearly all of Europe They provided a strong central government and infrastructure (Roads, trade routes, bridges, etc.) that kept Europe peaceful and prosperous. The collapse of the Roman Empire left a void of power and governmental control in Europe. This lead to chaos and power struggles Europe became divided and difficult to travel across People had to work hard simply to survive The culture universal pyramid for Europe had collapsed People needed security

6 Development of Feudalism
Europe was in chaos and being attacked by different groups of barbarians and other invading peoples Many wars and battles were waged try to gain land since the Roman Army no longer existed to keep control and peace This need for protection and order created the Feudal system of government called Feudalism People were willing to give up freedom in exchange for security and other basic needs.

7 Feudal Europe Feudal classes:
Feudalism: Is a system of government based on land ownership/control that bound people to another by promises of loyalty. People were born into a feudal class and couldn’t change classes All the land belonged to the Monarch (king or queen) The monarch would give the nobles fiefs (pieces of land) to control in exchange for knights and money The nobles would give knights fiefs of land for their loyalty and service Knights and nobles would rent small pieces of land to Peasants in exchange for money, taxes, and food from Peasants Peasants received protection and basic needs, but had little freedom lived poor lives. The vast majority of people in the Middle ages were Peasants/Serfs Feudal classes: Monarch Nobles Duke Lords Knights Peasants Serfs



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