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NCCCS Code Green Leadership Team Of the NCACCP January 2009

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1 NCCCS Code Green Leadership Team Of the NCACCP January 2009
SHIFT HAPPENS NCCCS Code Green Leadership Team Of the NCACCP January 2009 Rose Harrell Johnson

2 SHIFT to Global Awareness of Issues
Dwindling oil supply High food costs 'a global burden‘ Many US public schools in ‘air pollution danger zone’ Acid rain kills trees Ice cap shrinking Loss of marine life impacts tourism and fishing industry Flooding and erosion caused by over development

3 SHIFT in Attitude and Actions
Knowledge that natural resources vital to life (social, economic, environmental) are dwindling and damaged through overuse, misuse and a general disregard has raised consciousness and spurred actions aimed at reversing that trend.

4 SHIFT to Sustainability Revolution
Ecology and conservation Resource extraction and use (forestry, farming, fisheries, coal, oil, water, etc.) Health and social responsibility Community, government and international Commerce (business, manufacturing) Ecological design (architecture, technology, site development) A phenomenon impacting six major sectors

5 SHIFT in Personal Commitment

6 SHIFT to Global Commitment
US Mayors Climate Protection Agreement 910 mayors, 50 states and Dist. Co. + Puerto Rico, representing more than 81 million citizens American College and University Presidents Climate Commitment All 50 states, 300+ college and university presidents Association for Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education Colleges, businesses and organizations dedicated to sustainability. Kyoto Protocol 183 countries and 1 regional economic integration organization (the EEC) US Climate Action Partnership 31 major industries and environmental organizations

7 SHIFT in Commerce and Advocacy
U.S. Climate Action Partnership Members Alcoa American International Group, Inc. (AIG) Boston Scientific Corporation BP America Inc. Caterpillar Inc. Chrysler LLC ConocoPhillips Deere & Company The Dow Chemical Company Duke Energy DuPont Environmental Defense Fund Exelon Corporation Ford Motor Company FPL Group, Inc. General Electric General Motors Corp. Johnson & Johnson Marsh, Inc. Natural Resources Defense Council The Nature Conservancy NRG Energy, Inc. PepsiCo Pew Center on Global Climate Change PG&E Corporation PNM Resources Rio Tinto Shell Siemens Corporation World Resources Institute Xerox Corporation

8 SHIFT in Manufacturing Commitment
Green Manufacturing: Adoption and Implementation 2008 In a survey of more than 300 global manufacturing executives, 71% believe the cost of greening the manufacturing process is getting lower, and the potential profit higher. Sustainable Supply Chain Summit North America Oct. 2008 HOW TO MEASURE AND REDUCE THE ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT WHILE INCREASING EFFICIENCY AND PROFIT

9 SHIFT Company Values

10 SHIFT in Business and Manufacturing
Detroit automakers’ bailout drive sputters on Capitol Hill WASHINGTON -- The U.S. auto industry’s drive for a US$34 billion emergency taxpayer bailout was stuck in neutral on Friday as the chief executives of Detroit’s Big Three began a second day of testimony on Capitol Hill. Shift in Demand The Sustainability Revolution

Battery plant announcement is good news for Michigan by Bryan Laviolette | auto analyst Monday January 12, 2009, 10:46 AM Just 10 years ago, who would have guessed that the battery would play a key role as Detroit regains its place as a center for automotive development. General Motors said that it will open a plant to make lithium-ion build battery packs for the upcoming Chevrolet Volt, which is expected to go on sale in late 2010. Battery plants, like the one that A123 Systems plans to build in southeast Michigan, have little in common with the local factories in which autoworkers are accustomed to building parts and cars.

12 SHIFT to Renewable Energy
Russia Stops Gas to Eastern Europe Jan 2009 Solar Thermal Solar Photovoltaic Bright Future? New N.C. utilities law generates proposal for solar-energy farm in Davidson County –Winston –Salem Journal May 2008 LEXINGTON -- A proposed 21.5 megawatt solar farm in Davidson County Geothermal Solar Photovoltaic Farm in Canton October 2008 FLS Energy, Inc. plans to erect an eight million dollar solar photovoltaic field that will produce 1 megawatt of electricity to be purchased by Progress Energy as part of its plan to meet NC renewable energy mandates. Wind Biofuels

13 SHIFT in Product Development

14 SHIFT to Awareness of Land Issues
Mudslide destroys Haywood home and renews slope debate – Asheville Citizen-Times Jan. 2009 …State Representative Ray Rapp said the damage highlights the need for statewide restrictions on development of steep mountain slopes, which he will propose again once the General Assembly returns to Raleigh this month. The concept of sustainability is an important one in coastal North Carolina UNC Coastal Studies Institute The idea of coastal sustainability involves not only maintaining the integrity of the natural environment, but also growing and preserving the economic and cultural aspects of these ever expanding communities.

15 SHIFT in Design Planning and Development Farming and Food Production
Energy Industry Green Construction Auto Industry

16 SHIFT in Leisure Spending
The International Ecotourism Society Ecotourism is fast growing trend representing 5% of overall U.S. travel and tourism market 35-54 years of age 82% have a college education or higher North American consumers are willing to pay on average $1,000-1,500 more per eco-trip than mass tourists usually spend

17 U.S. Clean Air Act, U.S. Clean Water Act, U.S. Energy Policy Act
SHIFT in Policy The U.S. is in a global marketplace. If we refuse to address policy and regulatory barriers to the sustained development of the new energy economy, other countries will lead and reap the economic and environmental benefits. U.S. Clean Air Act, U.S. Clean Water Act, U.S. Energy Policy Act U.S. Higher Education Sustainability Act (HESA) as part of the new Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008 (HR 4137) NC Senate Bill 668 has specific energy benchmarks for any renovation or new construction involving 20,000 square feet or more NC Senate Bill 3 promotes development of renewable energy and energy efficiency in the State through implementation of a renewable energy and energy efficiency portfolio standard

18 SHIFT in Legal Action TVA Ordered to Cut Emissions
Asheville Citizen-Times (Jan. 14, 2009) Ruling applies to coal plants near NC Asheville – A federal judge ruled the Tennessee Valley Authority must clean up air pollution that harms the health of NC residents, obscures mountain vistas and damages forests. The Sustainability Revolution

19 SHIFT in Employment US Unemployment -7.2% NC Unemployment -8.7%
Big Firms Deepen Job, Wage Cuts- Jan 17, 2009 Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.: 1,100 jobs (9%) ConocoPhillips: 1,350 (4%) Pfizer: 2,400 (33% of sales) Hertz: 4,000 (13%) WellPoint: 1,500 (3.6%) Circuit City: 30,000 (closing) Bank of America + Wells Fargo + others: Not yet disclosed US Unemployment -7.2% NC Unemployment -8.7% (Dec. 2009) Only five metropolitan areas in the U.S. will escape job losses this year, according to a forecast released Jan. 17, by the U.S Conference of Mayors… Calling for an investment in 10 sectors, including renewable energy and green jobs…

20 SHIFT in Jobs Green Collar Jobs (Jan. 2009)
ASES (American Solar Energy Society) … as many as 37 million jobs can be generated by the renewable energy and energy efficiency (RE&EE) industries in the U.S. by 2030 – more than 17% of all anticipated U.S. employment.

21 SHIFT to Green Sector Jobs
A Splash of Green for the Rust Belt By PETER S. GOODMAN Published: November 1, 2008 NEWTON, Iowa Hottest sectors wind Solar thermal Fuel cells Solar photovoltaics Biofuel Recycling Energy efficient windows/doors Research and development Green building Excerpt from ASES Green Collar Jobs Report Mark Kegans for The New York Times Arie Versendaal worked at the Maytag plant in Newton, Iowa, for years. After it closed, he went to TPI Composites, which makes wind turbine blades.

22 SHIFT in Economic Stimulus
Obama unveils economic stimulus plan New York Times Jan. 9, 2009 … Obama's stimulus plan, designed to save or create three million jobs, would include money for the building of roads, bridges and schools as well as money to promote renewable energies…vowed to double U.S. production of alternative energy in three years …

23 SHIFT in Community College Opportunities
Position the NCCCS and its Colleges as Leaders in the Sustainability Revolution Prepare green collar workforce Cultivate environmental responsibility Model green/sustainable campuses Influence development of sustainable businesses, communities and municipalities

24 NCCCS SHIFT to Sustainability

25 NCCCS SHIFT to Sustainability

26 NCCCS SHIFT to Sustainability

27 NCCCS SHIFT to Sustainability

28 NCCCS SHIFT to Sustainability
Examples Current Educational Programs/Community Initiatives Green Building Bio-Fuel Technologies Water Management PV Panel Installation Brownfield Training Sustainable Agriculture Sustainable Technologies Green Business Expo Green Building Conference Fuel Cell Technology Green Homes Tour NC Sustainable Competition Sustainable Lunch and Learn Alternative Energy Demo Sustainable Landscaping Some New Programs Being Developed or Considered Sustainable Textiles Ecotourism Sustainable Communities Green Building Design Water Conservation Hydrology Low Impact Development Wind, Solar, Photovoltaic, Nuclear Expand Biotechnology Integrate into Technology Programs Management of Sustainable Tech. Full Range of Continuing Ed Courses General Ed Sustainability Course

29 SHIFT to Next Steps Code Green Leadership Team
North Carolina Community College System SHIFT to Next Steps Code Green Leadership Team Setting Standards for System-Wide Implementation Environmental Commitment Sustainable Education/Training Sustainable Campuses Sustainable Businesses, Communities, Municipalities

Rose Harrell Johnson

31 RESOURCES Green Recovery: Create Good Jobs and Start Building a Low-Carbon Economy Green Manufacturing: Adoption and Implementation ASES (American Solar Energy Society) Green Collar Jobs Kyoto Protocol US Climate Action Partnership US Mayors Climate Protection Agreement Presidents Climate Commitment Manufacturing Climate Solutions by Duke University

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