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Harris Schneiderman Account Manager Kloud Solutions.

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1 Harris Schneiderman Account Manager Kloud Solutions


3 Selecting the Management Platform Cloud-based Management Standalone Windows Intune No existing Configuration Manager deployment Simplified policy control Less than 7,000 devices and 4,000 users Simple web-based administration console

4 Windows Intune – Standalone service Windows PCs (x86/64, Intel SoC) Windows RT, Windows Phone 8 iOS, Android Manage up to 4,000 users and 7,000 devices

5 Help protect PCs from malware Manage updates Proactive monitoring and alerts Provide remote assistance Inventory hardware and software Monitor & track licenses Increase insight with reporting Set security policies Distribute software Latest Release Richer Mobile Device Management Simple web-based Administration Console and a richer experience for Information Workers

6 Direct management (Windows RT, Windows Phone 8, iOS)


8 Native Windows app package (.appx) Available in the Windows Store Windows Phone 8 Company Portal iOS/Android Company Portal Native Windows Phone 8 app (.xap) Needs to be sideloaded Web based portal Hosted in Windows Intune Windows RT Company Portal

9 Reporting available on each setting whether it is applicable, conformant or has an error. The same security policy template is used for both Direct Management and EAS to help Admins Android and Windows Phone 7 devices can be managed through EAS

10 PlatformsWindows 8/Windows RT Windows Phone 8 iOSAndroid Sideload to install *.appx*.xap*.ipa*.apk Deep links to store apps – install from store



















29 Social Enterprise/ Communication Office 365 SharePoint Online & Hybrid Lync with Enterprise Voice Information Management Yammer Identity & Access Management Forefront Identity Manager Active Directory Federation Security Development & Integration Cloud Applications Enterprise Search Application Integration Mobility Cloud Infrastructure Services Hybrid Cloud Azure Infrastructure Services Store Simple BYOD Management Cloud Backup/DR Kloud Services Portfolio Managed Services Proactive Support Reactive Support Enhancements

30 Everything we do in Managed Services is focussed on providing real business benefit to our clients by proactively improving reliability, performance and recommending enhancements.

31 Why Intune in an Enterprise ? Kloud philosophy is to use Cloud technologies to improve business outcomes, user experience and reliability Intune does this by… Low overhead to implement Rapid implementation Evergreen service – immediately benefit from all technology upgrades Can integrate with on-prem infrastructure AD, ADFS, SCCM, etc

32 Intune as a tool to deliver Managed Services PC Management Mobile Device Management Win8 IOS RT Android Keep mobile apps updated Device health & policy compliance monitoring

33 Onboarding process Current state assessment Customer management goals Develop implementation plan Phased implementation Operational Process Development Patch approval process Virus management Policy enforcement Software asset management Software deployment Remote support

34 Why Managed Service? Focus on core business Take advantage of collective learned experience Economies of scale Supplementary resources Additional skills Align to best practice

35 Project to Operations Lifecycle transition stabilization Project Support and On-going Operations

36 All You Ever Wanted to Know About Windows Modern Apps and Sideloading Options Deploying Windows 8.1: What's New The Future of Desktop App Packaging on Windows Implementing an Enterprise App Store for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1







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