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International Comparison Program (ICP) Overview of 2003 Round Workshop Goals and Objectives Fred Vogel, Global Manager.

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1 International Comparison Program (ICP) Overview of 2003 Round Workshop Goals and Objectives Fred Vogel, Global Manager

2 Workshop Goals and Objectives Establish global and regional responsibilities — who does what Agree on timetable Implement Memoranda of Understanding Review technical issues for the ICP Review funding issues Team Building

3 Overview of the Agenda Overview of the ICP — the big picture Management and coordination The expenditure aggregates Expenditure weights Pricing concepts Building the list

4 Goals Clear understanding of roles and responsibilities of global, regional and national organizations Agreement on timetable and activities to prepare for price collection Foster open candid discussions

5 Basic Objectives of the ICP Provide International Comparisons of GDP and Per Capita Expenditures

6 Why is this so Important? Basic uses of official statistics Make policy — who gets what Guide investment decisions Enhance competitive markets Globalization of world economies requiring multilateral comparisons Individual countries no longer can operate in a vacuum

7 The Problem Need to articulate uses of PPP ’ s beyond as a research tool Need to establish credibility in results Need to provide timely, consistent, defensible results

8 Framework proposals Link the ICP with national statistical activities (price collection, national accounts, household surveys); Build national statistical capacity and help with marginal costs; Provide competent coordination and governance at regional and global levels; Invest in research to address technical issues

9 The Scope—Expenditures and Prices Up to 220 Basic Headings Need expenditure weights Descriptions of items and prices Household Consumption — up to 140+ 2-3,000 items make up pricing lists Price 1,000 +/- items to obtain national, annual, average prices Items must be comparable across countries, representative within

10 Problems-Previous Round Who was in Charge? Not enough money Insufficient documentation Inflexible list of items to price Lack of standards and procedures Distrust-countries, regions, global levels

11 What’s New with this round of the ICP?

12 What’s New with this Round of the ICP? Governance

13 Global Office Tech Advisory Group Asia Pacific LACCIS West Asia Africa Council Executive Board Eurostat/OECD

14 What’s New with this Round of the ICP? Research

15 Examples of Research Topics Thirty years of Index Number Theory Still debating EKS vs. CPD for Basic Heading PPPs EKS vs. G-K to Aggregate Difficult to apply Statistical Theory on Number of items to price in a basic heading Selection of the items to be representative and comparable Estimation of National Annual Averages

16 What’s New? Memorandum of Understanding Policy regarding Data Collection Data submission Data sharing and review

17 What’s New? Handbook Tool Pack Re-design web site, newsletter

18 What’s New? Project Plan — timeline

19 The timetable and work plan Name Executive Board & Meet Nominate Technical Advisors Write New ICP Handbook Prepare MOUs with Regional and National Coordinators Develop Data Sharing & Access Policies Redesign website Feb 03 Mar 03 May 03

20 More timetable and work plan Prepare training materials Prepare Basic heading list Workshop with Regional ICP Coordinators Regional Coordinators meet with National Coordinators to begin preparing list of products to price March 03 May 03

21 More timetable Price list for Ring Comparison Global review of regional lists Prepare specs for Bills of Quantities, rents, equipment Agreements with countries on computing National, Annual Average Prices mid 03 Oct 03

22 More timetable and work plan Final Product list prepared for regions and ring countries Train National Coordinators for price collection and Tool Pack Translate product lists Price collection begins Dec 03 Nov 03 Jan-Mar 03 Apr 04

23 Overview of 2003 Round Determine lowest level of GDP for which expenditure weights are available Determine items to price Collect Prices — 2004 — 2005 Data edit/analysis — 2005 Publish results — 2006 Evaluate process — 2006 Begin planning for next round--2007

24 What’s New? Global Comparison — Ring Concept

25 Regional Vs Global Comparisons

26 Africa Asia W.AsiaCIS LAC Euro- OECD Ring

27 Ring Country Concept Latin America Asia Western Africa Africa CIS Europe Non EU Chile, Mexico, Brazil Indonesia, India, Korea Egypt, Oman S. Africa, Ethiopia, Cote-d ’ Ivore Russia, Kazakhstan Austria, UK, Portugal, Slovenia Australia, USA, Canada

28 What’s New? Concentration on the “ Main Thing ”

29 The main thing is The main thing Emphasis on Product Classification What to Price How many to price Where to price Data Analysis, Quality control Expenditure weights

30 Guiding Principles Transparency Open Dialogue Document Decisions Timeliness Early Warning Capabilities Abide by time tables Simplicity Minimize Bureaucratic requirements Ensure Transparency and Timeliness

31 Guiding Principles Defensible Statistical Practices Clear and Explainable Sustainable Integrate ICP & National Statistics Programs Availability Between countries within regions Between countries and regional coordinator

32 Requirements Time: only 390 days before price collection begins April 1, 2004 People: Experience with prices and national accounts Money: Equipment, data collection, travel, training

33 Thanks for Listening ?????????? Questions ???????????

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