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Current 5 year plan (Sonier) 1. A high field low temperature muSR spectrometer (MacLaughlin and Kiefl) 2.Low energy muon beamline 1000 + /s at TRIUMF.

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1 Current 5 year plan (Sonier) 1. A high field low temperature muSR spectrometer (MacLaughlin and Kiefl) 2.Low energy muon beamline 1000 + /s at TRIUMF. (Morenzoni-PSI, Bakule+Matsuda- RIKEN and Brewer) 3. Independent source of 8 Li for beta-NMR (MacFarlane and Morris) Summary of Materials Science Breakout Session

2 Major components of the last 5 year plan (Sonier) M20 CFI $2.4M + Matching funds =$6M TRIUMF $2.22M

3 SR at 15T and 20 mK (MacLaughlin) Lévy et al. 05 e.g. Field-Induced Superconductivity in URhGe Existing Hightime spectrometer TRIUMF is 8T/2K=4T/K B/T in New spectrometer ~200 times larger! What is the interest in low T and high B ? CMP is the study of the collective behaviour of electrons Low T ground state and elementary excitations High B/T Zeeman energy>> kT new ground states new properties

4 Detector arrangement (Kiefl) Top view Cold finger F Veto TM sample 10 mm L R 77K 4K B=15T 1.Split Solenoid 15T ~$1M 2.Cryostat inserts 2K, 300mK and 20 mK+ detectors ~$1M

5 Confinement another way to significantly alter electronic and magnetic properties of electrons at interfaces, near surfaces and thin films (Morenzoni and MacFarlane) t A B LBLB LALA

6 Magnetic properties change as a function of thickness and depth Morenzoni G. Nieuwenhuys, E. Morenzoni, S. Vongtragool, H. Luetkens, A. Suter, Th. Prokscha, F. Galli, M. Hesselberth submitted to PRL 2007

7 LE muSR in Fe/Ag Magnetic Multilayers 4nm 20nm 4nm H. Luetkens, J. Korecki, E. Morenzoni, T. Prokscha, M. Birke, H. Glückler, R. Khasanov, H.-H. Klauss, T. Slezak, A. Suter, E. M. Forgan, Ch. Niedermayer, and F. J. Litterst Phys Rev. Lett. 91, 017204 (2003). Magnetic field distribution in Ag

8 Low-energy muon-spin-rotation studies on thin film multilayers consisting of cuprate high-TC sc and FM oxides Microscopic investigations of a metal-superconductor proximity bilayer Motion and Pinning of hole-poor pockets in cuprates Charge differentiation of positive muons in insulators and semiconductors at low implantation energies Magnetic and superconducting properties of electron-Doped La 2-x Ce x CuO 4 epitaxial thin films Conduction Electron Spin Polarization of the Nonmagnetic Layers of FM/NM Heterostructures Superconductivity and magnetism in YBa 2 Cu 3 O 7 /PrBa 2 Cu 3 O 7 /YBa 2 Cu 3 O 7 tri-layers Spin Freezing in underdoped HTS Spin Coherent Transport in Organic Spin Valves Studies of Polymer Surface Dynamics Influence of electric fields on manganites studied by low-energy muon precession. Study of Superconducting-Magnetic Coupling in Superconducting Spin Valve Structures Ferromagnetism in III-V and II-IV-V2 dilute magnetic semiconductors Proximity effect in Pd/Fe bilayers and Fe/Pd/Fe trilayers. LE muon Proposals at PSI in 2007 Morenzoni

9 Low energy µSR study of moving vortices in type-II superconductors. Magnetic Penetration in a Superconducting Sandwich and Thin Film Organic thin-films and solar cells Investigation of magnetism in HfO 2 and related systems Induced ferromagnetism in superconducting layer of superconductor/ferromagnet heterostructures Low Energy MuSR Studies of Mn doped GaAs Measurement of the Magnetic Properties of a mono-Layer of Single Molecule Magnets Magnetism in Proton-Irradiated HOPG Carbon A direct measurement of the interplay between ferromagnetism and superconductivity at atomically flat oxide interfaces. Spin-polarized injection from a magnetic semiconductor into a nonmagnetic semiconductor: spintronics via μSR LE muon proposals at PSI contd

10 Structural phase near the surface of SrTiO 3 at 150K Salman et al. PRL 96, 147601 (2006) T c bulk MacFarlane

11 Progress in βNMR ProjectPublications High Spin Molecules on SurfacesNano Letters (07) Near Surface Vortex State of NbSe 2 Phys Rev Lett, 98, 167001 (07) Thin Metal FilmsPhys Rev Lett 98, 047601 (07) Phys Rev B 75, 073405 (07) Phys Rev Lett 93, 157601 (04) Surface Effects on Phase Transitions Phys Rev Lett 96, 147601 (06)

12 7 + low energy expts, 6 w/ accelerated beam, two RIB sources ONE mass separator Cant make a big impact 3 weeks/year no good

13 µSR Ghetto µSR Ghetto MESON HALL BEAM DUMP MESON HALL BEAM DUMP 150 µA beam dump BL1 Surface Muon Source Custom Production Target in a magnetic bottle for pions Dai Omega style High Flux Surface µ + Beam Low Energy µ + Beam 150 µA T2 TNF (moved) M9 M20 $$$ Brewer

14 1.Independent source of 8 Li for beta-NMR at TNF or proton hall 2.A high field low temperature muSR spectrometer. CFI +Japanese funding? 3. A low energy muon beamline with 1000 + /s at the sample could probably be made here at TRIUMF. However the money might be better spent helping to build a low energy muon at J-PARC. Conclusion

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