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Tarleton Travel Cards By: Accounts Payable Department 254-968-9434.

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1 Tarleton Travel Cards By: Accounts Payable Department 254-968-9434

2 How to apply for a Travel Card: Fill out the Travel Card Application which can be found on the website below facultystaff/travel-credit-cards.html Please send form to Please allow 10-14 business days for card to arrive.* *May take longer depending on Citibank’s order load

3 Before you Travel General Information to know: Follow Texas A & M Disbursement of Funds Guidelines as well as the State of Texas Travel Guidelines og/stmp/ acct/pdf/DisbursementManual.pdf Meal and Hotel rates can be found on GSA website Shorts Travel is the State Contracted travel agent for Concur Travel.

4 What can I purchase with travel card? Airfare Hotel Car Rental Restaurants Parking Incidental expenses related to travel

5 Airfare Requirements Economy fare only unless prior approval from Department Head or Dean Approval documentation must be attached to the expense report in Concur. When using State Funds contract airlines must be used unless you have a cost savings to the University. Receipts are required and must contain: Name of passenger Method of payment Amount Airline information. Please note that if booking airfare in Concur, travel agent fees will apply.

6 Airline Fee Requirements Fee for 1 checked bag allowed. More than 1 checked bag will require business justification. Early boarding must have business justification Upgrade fees must also have business or medical purpose and be documented on the expense report.

7 Car Rental Requirements There are several contracted vendors-see contract venders and codes 1. Avis –F999713 2. Enterprise-UTS 999 3. National- TX 713 4. Hertz- 445089 The contract car rental companies listed are required when using state funds, but should be used with local funds because of the excellent rates which include the required liability insurance. Receipts are required and must include: Name of renter Dates of rental Itemization charges Method of payment Please note that LDW/CDW is the only reimbursable insurance as it is included in the contract.

8 Hotel Requirements No personal charges such as entertainment (games, movies, etc.). Charges such as phone or internet must include a business purpose. When using state funds you must have a contract hotel, unless there is a cost savings to the University. When traveling in state you must have the traveler submit a Texas Hotel Occupancy Tax Exempt Form upon checking into hotel. (this form can be found on Business Services website) hoteltaxexempt.pdf hoteltaxexempt.pdf Receipts are required and must include name of guest, itemization of all expenses charged day by day and method of payment.

9 Restaurant Requirements Meals must not exceed the daily maximum per city/location and may be found on the GSA website. Tip reimbursement up to 20% is allowed on local funds only. Meals are not allowed on travel cards when using state funded accounts. No alcohol may be put on the travel card.

10 Gasoline/ Transportation Gasoline: Receipts are required and must contain: Name of traveler Amount of purchase When claiming gasoline for mileage reimbursement the amount must not exceed the allowable amount of mileage based on federal mileage rate. Taxis/Shuttles: Receipts are required, must contain: Name of traveler Method of payment Amount. Tip reimbursement is allowed up to 20% on local funds only.

11 Parking & Incidentals PARKING: Receipts are required and must contain: Location Date Amount of purchase. Incidental expenses to include: (phone/internet/ tolls) any other travel related expense. Must document expense was incurred for a business use and must document date and amount of purchase.

12 Conference Registration Conference Registration is allowed on the Travel Card. The receipts are required and must contain: Name of person attending Full name of conference Dates of conference Itinerary or business purpose of attending conference.

13 Information to Know Please protect the card and card number at all times to prevent unauthorized use. Immediately notify Citibank at 800-248-4553 or 800-790-7206 and the travel office 254-968-9434 or if the card is lost or stolen. If outside the United States call collect to Fraudulent charges must be disputed within 60 days of the statement date in which the transaction appears. Therefore it is imperative to notify someone immediately.

14 Travel is Complete, What is Next? Your travel charges will appear on your My Concur tab under available card charges. Expense reports are required when using these travel cards. Please see eTravel/Concur Training on the Business Services website for step by step instructions for completing the expense report.

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