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Preschool Outreach Plus Rapides Parish Library Alexandria, LA

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1 Preschool Outreach Plus Rapides Parish Library Alexandria, LA
It’s In The Bag Preschool Outreach Plus Rapides Parish Library Alexandria, LA

2 POP Circulation Figures
82,998 78,104 23,243 9,999 29,408 41,945 42,061 42,762 50,950 55,740 65,786 73,225 Why start your own POP program? These figures were done by one full time person in a mini van had a part time clerk for part of the time. Start small and your program will grow.

3 In The Beginning… Noticed fewer children in the library
Story times were not well attended Circulation figures were down Where were the children? We found them in child care centers and Head Start programs

4 Identify Need Start small. You will have a window of opportunity of about 1 ½ hours in A.M. to make delivery. Send letters to centers, offering a free delivery of bags & story times. Call or visit them for their replies. THEN start building your POP. Make it a separate collection.

5 POP? What Is It? FREE! Delivery of Themed Material
Centers must have Class A Daycare Licenses from State Centers are Responsible for Materials Scheduled for a 3 Week Use Period We have centers sign agreement accepting responsibility for bag and it’s contents

6 What’s In Those Bags? Toddler & Preschool Bags Children’s Cassettes
Children’s Books Flannel Board Stories Puppets Videos Teacher Resource Books Songs & Fingerplays Big Books

7 Resources Staff Books & Materials Transportation Inventory System
Staging & Storing Area What you’ll need to get started

8 Funding Friends Groups Grants 2004 Coming Up Taller Award
2006 Capital One LA Education Initiative Grant First Book’s Book Relief 2007 Junior League Grant Townsend Press Free Books Feed the Children Book Grant Library Budget Donations Weeded Materials CUTA - $10,000 Capital One grant - $100,000 First Book’s Book Relief – over $250,000 in free books

9 Additions School Age Program Children’s Programming
Concerts for children Expanded Existing Collection Dedicated POP Building Workshops for Providers At-Risk Teens Saw the need to educate providers on how to use the bags.

10 The Plus in POP At risk, transitional families Non traditional needs
Individual needs One Stop one time At risk, incarcerated teens The Library Ladies Newsletter

11 Future Plans Create a manual for others to use in
developing their program Spread the word! Document program’s progress Continuing education to ensure more workshops for teachers

12 Benefits For Library Great working relationship with other organizations in community Beautiful circulation figures PR Tool Touches 1000’s of preschoolers with literacy Gives underserved children an even start in life

13 Have Questions? Contact: Susan Baker Preschool Outreach Plus MGR.
x 206 Rapides Parish Library 5416 Provine Pl Alexandria, LA 71303




17 Vehicles bought with grant funds in 2007 & 2008
POP VANS & BUILDING Vehicles bought with grant funds in 2007 & 2008

18 The Best Reasons To Do POP

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