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Liberia Refugee Response Update CAP 2012 Thursday 17 November 2011.

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1 Liberia Refugee Response Update CAP 2012 Thursday 17 November 2011

2 Brief Recap 2011: Refugee movements First border-crossing: November 29, 2011 First phase: December-April More than 95% of all arrivals into one county (Nimba) Second phase: April-July/August: New arrivals into Grand Gedeh, River Gee and Maryland Third phase: May-June/ongoing Spontaneous returns

3 Pre-emergency UNHCR was in shut-down mode LRRRC had been substantially scaled down Guinea was on emergency radar more than Cote dIvoire

4 First phase: initial response Standard Emergency procedures not activated according to critical protocol Gravity of situation lost in methods of work and reporting lines ERT late and with limited experience (SELT) Humanitarian vacuum developed

5 Challenges/second phase Statistics driven emergency Coordination between field and Monrovia disjointed Security/political threat to Liberias achievements Low level of development in the communities – extra pressure due to refugee presence Policy direction was unclear

6 Consolidation of Response: third phase Long term staff deployments Stabilize and rationalize statistics Assist in the formulation of policy framework for refugee response Regularization of implementation arrangements Search for additional resources for the programme

7 Brief Recap 2011: Achievements Access to asylum on prima facie basis, non-refoulement and more than 200,000 refugees registered & received assistance Six camps +16 relocation villages set up Access to UNMIL assets Signing of Tripartite Agreement The response to the first appeal for funds (EHAP) was positive Solutions Approach developed

8 Lessons Learnt Partners to be involved at all stages of the formulation of contingency plans with clear roles and responsibilities Coordination is critical to a successful operation: especially structuring of responsibilities sectors/agencies and leadership in a refugee operation Issues of accountability within an integrated mission need to be further explored

9 2012 PLANNING SCENARIO 120,000 Refugees at start of 2012 Camps: 80,000 50,000 voluntary repatriation in the course of 2012 15,000 Liberian returnees around time of Cessation Clause Some 4,000 other people of concern (asylum seekers, other refugees)

10 Priorities 2012 Operations: Relocation of refugees to designated camps Installation/maintenance of infrastructure and delivery of essential services in the camps Facilitate voluntary returns Support host communities (with relevant sectors) Programmatic: Position programme as care and maintenance Right size the number of implementing partners Coordination and inter-agency: Support to LRRRC reform Forge inter-agency partnerships drawing on expertise and resources

11 Overall strategy Protection and mixed solutions Protection Fair processes Security and safety From violence Essential Services Shelter Water/sanitation Health Education Livelihoods Two access routes: Communities Camps Durable Solutions Voluntary Return Local integration Reintegration Transition to development


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