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EHAP Liberia in 2011: retrospective & observations By OCHA / HCSO.

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1 EHAP Liberia in 2011: retrospective & observations By OCHA / HCSO


3 Key EHAP parameters 50,000 refugees 25,000 Returnees/TCNs Timeline: Jan-June 2011 Amount required: USD 55 mil Strategic priorities Assist refugees & Returnees/TCNs in Nimba County Relocate refugees away from the border Rationale 25,000 refugees (mid Jan) & 600 new arrivals / day Living with host populations in more than 20 villages

4 Rationale 400% increase refugee population: from 25 to 131,000 Refugee location: from 1 to more than 3 counties / from 23 to more than 70 villages Pressure on host communities (90% living with HC) & rainy season (April) Relocation from HC to camps/relocation villages/transit sites (only 30% to remain in HC in fine) Limited life saving interventions to be provided along the border Strategic priorities Key EHAP parameters 150,000 refugees; 25,000 returnees/TCNs January to July 2011 Amount required: USD 146 mill.

5 Key parameters 160,000 refugees; 100,000 host population; 20,000 returnees; 5,000 TCN Jan-Dec 2011 Amount required: USD 166 mil Rationale Increase in the refugee population: from 144,000 (April) to 172,000 83% of refugees still with host population (pressure on communities) Strategic priorities Establishment of camps (80,000) & 16 relocation villages Gradual relocation of refugees // rightsizing assistance in host communities Assistance to host communities


7 Strategy Focus on relocation of refugees from border/host communities to relocation villages/camps (security, cost, international law,…): as of 4/11/2011, 43,761 refugees relocated to camps. Relocation target for 2011 (80,000) hardly reached. More realistic targets needed for 2012? Dilemna: Relocation of refugees (focus on camps) vs. Assistance at the border. The last EHAP tried to address this dilemna, but quid of the potential « retaining effect »? Dynamic context (refugees IN & OUT): how many refugees do we have? Challenging exercise: « Multisector vs. Sectors » or « Multisector + Sectors » Good donors response, but high ratio of funding outside of the EHAP Few participation of NGOs (only as implementing partners of UN agencies) Some observations…

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