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Rights and Responsibilities of Citizens in the USA

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1 Rights and Responsibilities of Citizens in the USA
CITIZENSHIP Rights and Responsibilities of Citizens in the USA

What is wrong with this situation?

3 What is a citizen? What is a citizen?
1. a person who resides in a town or city 2. a person who has certain rights and privileges 3. a person who is a member of a nation (born or naturalized) 4. a productive and active member of society 5. Legal Aliens - enjoy many benefits of citizenship without “official status”

4 Rights of Citizens Rights of Citizens 1. live, be safe, and be happy
2. breathe clean air 3. proper treatment when arrested 4. equal opportunities – jobs, schooling 5. move freely in the USA 6. free speech, religion, press and assembly


6 How are rights achieved?
1. Constitution – “constitutional” rights are guaranteed- the Bill of Rights and other amendments 2. At Birth – you have them when you are born!

7 Responsibilities as Citizens
D. Responsibilities as Citizens 1. Obey and R.E.S.P.E.C.T. the law 2. Vote (when 18) 3. Respect the military, police and fire departments (and possibly join??) 4. Report on crimes you know about 5. Take part in jury duty / government 6. Pay taxes – income, property and sales taxes 7. Provide information to government about yourself – (census purposes) 8. Going to school (free education) 9. Being and staying informed! 10. Respecting and protecting other people’s rights 11. Helping your community (volunteering)

8 Important Documents E. Documents you need!
1. Birth certificate – Are you really you? 2. Social Security Card – it identifies you as a specific person - used for tax returns, credit cards, school records, employment

9 Losing Rights!! Losing Rights 1. Can’t vote if you don’t register!
2. Commit a crime! 3. Overthrow attempt of the government (Act of treason) 4. Voting in a foreign election 5. Deserting a military position 6. Lying, or leaving the country as a “naturalized” citizen after a few years

10 American Values American Values 1. Equality – given in the
Declaration of Independence 2. Liberty - FREEDOM! 3. Justice – prevent violations to others

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