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Trends in alcohol marketing How the alcohol industry reacts on political pressure:

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1 Trends in alcohol marketing How the alcohol industry reacts on political pressure:

2 Objectives of EUCAM: 1. Promoting the Monitoring of Alcohol Marketing 2. Promoting and disseminating impact research See for more information:

3 EUCAM trend reports Informative overview of new trends in alcohol marketing. Collected by non- systematic search in business reports and on the web and information of EUCAM contact persons. Trend reports of 2008:

4 EUCAM trend reports 2008:

5 Virtual environment is the most common cross- border platform for tobacco advertising and the biggest challenge for the effective implementation of the EU advertising ban. (p.7, COM (2008) 330 final) One of the remaining common marketing practices is to advertise the tobacco manufacturer with a positive image as a responsible market operator (p.9, COM (2008) 330 final) DG Sanco on regulating tobacco advertising:

6 Alcohol in the news (last week): Alcohol puts under-10s in hospital 09 November 2008, Press Association Raising alcohol taxes reduces deaths 13-Nov-2008, by EurekAlert MPs call for pub happy hours ban BBC News, Published: 2008/11/10 SENEGAL: "Worrying rise in alcohol abuse 11 November 2008 (IRIN) Act now to fight growing scourge of alcohol 13 November 2008 The Scotsman newspaper. Rise in alcohol-related A&E admissions among children Published: 10 November 2008, HSJ Doctors Call For Alcohol Advertising Ban Friday, 7th November 2008 Bismarck Tribune

7 Other news last week: Wine sellers win reduces alcohol campaign 06 November 2008 The Wine and Spirit Trade Association (WSTA) has won its campaign to get more low-alcohol wines on the shelves of stores. Community Alcohol Partnerships win retail award Wednesday, 12 November 2008 The Community Alcohol Partnership (CAP) approach to combating underage drinking has won an award for best initiative in this year's Responsible Drinks Retailing Awards.

8 Response alcohol industry: Increase self-regulation to prevent legislation of to limit further statutary regulations. Increasing involvement in marketing practices that are not (or rarely) restricted yet. Creating a positive image of the brand and producer by Corporating Social Resposibility and marketing the product as responsible.

9 Alcohol marketing in the virtual world Majority of alcohol marketing can still be found in traditional media (TV, bill boards, etc). But increasing use of marketing in the virtual world. Some examples:

10 Already from 1983 market Anheuser-Busch its product in computer games. Alcohol marketing: in Games Tapper, 1983 Invoegen plaatje second life!

11 In social networks such as MySpace, Facebook, Hyves. Advertisement often initiated by alcohol producer. Alcohol marketing: on-line social networks Carlsberg commercial at Facebook 2008 for Norwegian adolescents Invoegen plaatje msn Belgie Absolut Vodka banner on MSN for Dutch and Belgian adolescents


13 Usergenerated advertisement: For example on YouTube. Often initiated by consumers but sometimes marketers use this platform for their own means. Alcohol marketing: online Grassroot initiatives Movie on YouTube initiated by Heineken.

14 Tenessee Teen Stop Drinking Campaign: At first sight seems initiated by concerned parents. But is initiated by wine industry in Tennessee to activate public support to avoid new law. Alcohol marketing: Online Grassroot initiatives

15 To consumers to strengthen loyalty of customer. Alcohol marketing: Direct mail Direct mail by Grolsch Breweries.

16 Huge amount of websites of alcohol producers. A small amount of websites in NL: ( Alcohol marketing: websites alcohol industry Invoegen plaatje Cult

17 Other websites of which initator is more unclear: Alcohol marketing: blogs and websites by fans

18 In small letters: financed by retailers and wine producers. Alcohol marketing: blogs and websites by fans

19 Alcohol marketing in the virtual world Volume is mostly restricted by voluntary codes. Restrictions on the volume of alcohol marketing on the web are almost non existing in Europe. Alcohol Marketing on the internet is difficult to catch with national legislation. Not always easy to identify initiator. Age check not sufficient to protect young people. Difficult to monitor independently, especially on volume. Alcohol marketing on the web is often interactive which may increase its harmful effects.

20 Marketing alcohol as responsible and healthy: Market alcohol as a healthy product: The Power of Vitamins: The company claims that Stampede Lights reduces a hangover. Antioxidants in drinks: Green tea and blue berries in beer reduces stress and increases short-term memory

21 Light beers

22 Diet product?

23 Natural ingredients Alcoholic drinks with fresh spring water.

24 Marketing the product as green Recyclable bottle by Anheuser-Busch

25 Market the company as green

26 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) or Stakeholder / Cause-related Marketing Includes also other forms of social marketing by the industry (eg responsible drinking campaigns). Business as usual: The benefits of CSR: Enhanced reputation; Better staff recruitment; Avoidance of heavy handed government regulation (Hastings, 2008). Hastings & Angus (2008): Tobacco industry corporate social responsibility is a form of marketing, and as such it should be prohibited under the terms of the tobacco advertising ban.

27 Thank you for your attention!

28 Points for discussion: What can we do with this information? Should we emphasize the importance of regulating exposure to traditional marketing tools or (also) to new trends (which are more difficult to regulate)? Do we expect a shift to these new marketing tools if we sharpen existing regulations? If yes, how can effective regulation deal with this?

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