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Agreement Ethiopia (IBC & EARO) & Health and Performance Food International bv

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1 Agreement Ethiopia (IBC & EARO) & Health and Performance Food International bv

2 Vision on code of orgin I was dreaming. In my dream an large international supermarket chain was very interested to sell some 22 different products in their shops in the USA, UK, The Netherlands and Scandinavia. The first question I got from the senior management of the supermarket chain was: are you authorised by the originating country to use teff for these products? I asked them why this was so important: they told me that they simply have to follow the local laws in the different countries.

3 Acess to Teff Request of access to basic seeds Orientation meeting in Addis On request of Ethiopia Memorandum of understanding Authorization by parties Received Captain Hook-award - damage control

4 Developments HPFI bv invested 4,3 million Euro in case Promotion teff: good for athletes, fit for life Teff: healthiest grain in the world? Can help control obesities, reduce diabetes rates, prevent colon cancers

5 Advantages agreement access to varieties ethical correct: story behind products is ok – no discussions about rights to use teff, to start with your own government – gives a feel good view for you as human being and as business man: doing the right things in the right way

6 Disadvantages agreement Working with government in Africa takes time, Code of origin is not known with large customers Competitors do not go the official route and do not go against any law in their countries (?) Does not really give good protection for company (patent does) It makes your costs higher then the cost of those competitors

7 Our western mentality makes us not the most trusted partners in the African world: genetic manipulation and the UPOV are somewhat threatening to African societies Many years of Western intervention in African economies did not lead to immense improvements Ethiopian government wants to negotiate with government rather then with business entity In my opinion Africans tend to see that the rest of the world has to apply to their rules rather then understand what rules in the western world can be beneficial for their use in Holland they say: trust comes walking and leaves on a horse Fear versus trust

8 statement Respecting each others intellectual property starts with understanding the way the using countries should integrate these principals in their regulations and common practices Added to that developing countries should make sure that their regulations support their needs and requirements and facilitates their future That was what my dream was all about

9 Benefits Income and profit for all parties Improved competitive edge for teff Ethiopia benefits from modern applications of teff –Build infrastructure –Use modern techniques –Produce the products in Ethiopia Help develop food related education

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