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Holidays in Britain.

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1 Holidays in Britain

2 British Holidays British people celebrate St. Valentine’s Day on …….
They celebrate Halloween on …… British people celebrate Easter in ….. They celebrate Guy Fawkes’ Night on… British people celebrate Christmas Festival on……. They celebrate New Year’s Day on ……. the 14th of February the 31st of October March or April the 5th of November the 25th of December the 1st of January 2


4 Halloween Halloween is one of the best holidays for Children. American children celebrate Halloween on October 31. Children wear masks and color costumes. The most popular costumes are ghosts, witches and skeletons.

5 Christmas Christmas is a religious holiday when people have parties, light candles and give each other gifts.

6 Boxing Day People often use this day to give some money to people who helped them during the year.

7 NEW YEAR‘S DAY In Britain the New Year's Day is not as widely celebrated as Christmas. 7

8 ST Valentine's Day People write and send beautiful postcards. English people celebrate this holiday on February 14.

9 EASTER SUNDAY Easter is celebrated either as the start of spring or a religious festival

10 Find please the words of Easter time.
Church, turkey, dish, customs, pumpkin Christ's return to life, spring, trick or treat, fireplace, symbol of love, lambs and chicks, chocolate Easter eggs, witches and ghosts

11 Do you like our lesson? Yes, I do. So - so No, I don’t

12 Thank you for the lesson

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