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GEOSTATISTICS IN LATVIA CSB of Latvia in cooperation with State Land Service &Geospatial Information Agency Geostatistical Conference – Kongsvinger, Norway.

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1 GEOSTATISTICS IN LATVIA CSB of Latvia in cooperation with State Land Service &Geospatial Information Agency Geostatistical Conference – Kongsvinger, Norway September 12 – 14, 2006

2 2 Main Actors involved

3 3 LATVIA BASIC STATISTICAL INDICATORS: Total area – 64.6 thousand Population – 2.3 million Districts – 26 Municipalities – 530 21 23 11 24 25 23 30 21 20 21 24 16 24 25 15 17 16 18 19 20 13 19 29 18 14 24

4 4 Administrative-territorial division of the Republic of Latvia: district major city town amalgamated municipality (novads) parish (rural municipality) town with rural area Territorial units division of the Republic of Latvia: town of amalgamated municipality parish of amalgamated municipality rural area of town

5 5 State Land Service (SLS) Established in 1992 Main tasks: implementation of land reform maintenance of National Real Estate Cadastre maintenance of Address Register maintenance of Protective Zones Information System as well as: valuation of real estates cadastral surveying of buildings performance of other related functions.

6 6 Changes in scope of competence of SLS Until January 1, 2006 State Land Service performed also surveying and mapping functions. In the result of reorganization now these tasks are performed by: –newly established State Limited Company "Latvia State Surveyor (surveying) and –by newly established Latvian Geospatial Information Agency (geodesy, mapping, production of basic data of state geographic information)

7 7 Organisation chart of SLS

8 8 Geospatial information maintained by SLS Both textual data of cadastre (since 1996) and cadastral map (since 2000) are maintained only in digital form Data of National Real Estate Cadastre cover 100% of the total area of Latvia The content of the Cadastre increased gradually: –land parcels and land properties (tenure) (since 1992) –buildings (since 1996), –mass registration of apartments (since 2000) Address Register is maintained since 2000 (in digital form)

9 9 Data transferred from SLS to CSB (I) 1.Data from National Real Estate Cadastre Information System: for Statistical Register of Rural Farms properties (land assigned for use), lease owners, (users), leaseholders land parcels for Statistical Register of Buildings; –buildings –owners –groups of premises information on transactions with land, buildings and apartment properties

10 10 Data transferred from SLS to CSB (II) 2.Data from National Address Register: Boundaries of administrative territories and territorial units, their names and codes of Classification of Administrative Territories and Territorial Units Data of National Address Register

11 11 Geospatial Information Agency State agency Latvia Geospatial Information Agency (LGIA) builds up in correspondence with decision of Cabinet of Ministers of Latvia from 21.Decembre 2005 Nr.821 About establishment of State Agency Latvia Geospatial Information Agency and it is legal successor of State Land Service functions, rights, obligations, possessions and financial resources on the sphere of geodesy and mapping. Corresponding regulations to Cabinet of Ministers from 20.Decembre 2005 Nr.821 LGIA is state administration body under supervisory of Minister of Defence. Until January 1, 2006 Geospatial Information Agency worked as independent body.

12 12 Organisation chart of LGIA

13 13 Functions of LGIA By the Regulation of State agency Latvia GeoSpatial Information Agency, LGIA have functions as listed below: to obtain, process and maintain the geographic basic data for civil and military needs, to form and develop the united geographic basic data information system, corresponding to competence to cooperate and offer geodesic, cartographic and geospatial information for society, state and municipal institutions, North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), NATO member states and European Union institutions, as well as another international competent authorities.

14 14 Geospatial information maintained by LGIA (I) Geodetic network Ortophoto maps (scale – 1:2000, 1:10000) Remote sensing information Topographic maps and databases 1:10000 till 1:100000 (topographic maps scale 1:2000 ordered by municipalities) Digital Terrain models Place-names and geographic names Surveying of state border

15 15 Geospatial information maintained by LGIA (II) Geodetic and mapping archive information, include electronic. Aero navigation charts Spatial data meta data base

16 16 Data transferred from LGIA to CSB As background of statistic researches and visualization of statistic information: Ortophoto maps Topographic maps and data bases.

17 17 Geostatistical Issues (production and design) History and development of the process Today Examples of different types of maps

18 18 Till 2000 – Statistics over maps making was outsorced –partner map publisher commercial company Jana seta 2000: beginning of in-house production –hand made maps – using Corel Draw –time consuming, tiresome and exhausting manual work Since 2002 Statistics on maps have been produced using GIS software ArckView –cost effective –quick, flexible production –high quality product –Digital boundaries at the level of Regions and Rural Municipalities produced by SLS Brief history of Geostatistical Issues production for data dissemination in CSB of Latvia

19 19 TOOLS USED FOR MAP PRODUCTION In preparation process of publications ARCMAP 8.2 PX-MAP used for creation of Choropleth map graphical design software for polishing Electronic dissemination PX- MAP PX-iMAP

20 20 ORGANIZATIONAL ASPECTS Initiator (can be Production unit or other section in Dissemination unit) –supply initial proposal and data Geostatistical issue are produced by dissemination unit –acts as manager on following issues which data should be used for maping which type of map number and size of classes

21 21 Examples of different types of maps produced in CSB of Latvia

22 22 Breakdown by district

23 23 Breakdown by Rural Municipality

24 24

25 25 Map with pie charts I

26 26 Map with pie charts II Size classes polished in Coreldraw

27 27 Map with clustered columns Size classes polished in Coreldra w

28 28 THANK YOU FOR ATTENTION! Signe Rudzite - Head of Cadastre and Registers Data Exchange Division Arvids Ozols- Director, Large Scale Mapping Department Karlis Zeila- Vice President, CSB of Latvia

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