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Planning and preparing the national HES EHES Training seminar, Rome 11 February 2010 Päivikki Koponen.

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1 Planning and preparing the national HES EHES Training seminar, Rome 11 February 2010 Päivikki Koponen

2 Keys to achieving the survey's objectives High quality planning and management Ensuring that the survey can be effectively implemented in the shortest reasonable time within the budget with the highest quality that is affordable and consistent with aims and purposes. All survey plans need to be repeatedly checked against the progress of actions.

3 Defining purposes and aims for national surveys Monitoring and forecasting the populations health and health determinants

4 Uses of data Prevalence of major diseases, risk and protective factors Assess health status and its association with health promotion Measure change Predict future health status Analyse equity Estimate met and unmet need for health care, social security benefits and rehabilitation Develop national standards and reference values Source for epidemiological studies and health sciences research.

5 Implementing EHES standards New national HES Planning and preparation based on EHES standards Synchronizing EHES standards with an existing national HES Balancing the need to follow national trends and to ensure European comparability Incorporating EHES with an existing HIS Organizing data collection successfully

6 Example of a modular structure in the survey

7 1. Survey design: Definition of the scope and objectives 2. Planning and preparation 3. Pretesting and piloting 4. Final survey design, planning and preparation 5. Fieldwork and data collection 6. Data-file construction, analysis and reporting Quality assurance Planning for a new survey Survey process

8 Capacity building at national level Actions needed to build the national HES National objectives Preparation of the national manual National training seminars Piloting Organizing the HES Data management and analysis Reporting and dissemination of results Involve Stakeholders: NGOs, ministries

9 Expertise needed Policy experts Use of data for evidence based health policy Health care professionals and representatives of other public services Use of data for planning and evaluating health services and health promotion activities Scientists: Epidemiology, statistics, public health etc. Use of data for scientific research Other key expertise needed: fieldwork logistics and supervision, IT, communication and dissemination etc.

10 Project leader Project co-ordinator Steering Committee Core group Topic team 5 Fieldwork team IT team Laboratory team Quality assurance team Topic team 4 Topic team 3 Topic team 2 Topic team 1 Survey organization

11 Gantt Chart example

12 Perth chart (Critical Path Analysis) Plan Manual v1 Questionnaires v1 Consent materials Ethical approval Manual v2 Pilot Recruitment Training Manual v3 Training Fieldwork Questionnaires v2

13 Aims of piloting Show critical issues for standardization Plan training Finalise manuals Feedback from participants Motivate participation Feedback from fieldworkers Timing & average duration of examination Testing the use of equipments, computer programmes etc. Avoid unnecessary problems

14 Risk analysis & management: Potential risks Insufficient personnel resources for planning and preparation Shortage of fieldwork personnel Insufficient time between pilot and actual fieldwork Problems in collaboration Low motivation to participate Violation of personal data protection Safety risks for staff and participants Crisis situations Epidemics Extreme weather conditions



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