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Medon Project Deliverables June 2012. Ocean Lab Exhibition.

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1 Medon Project Deliverables June 2012

2 Ocean Lab Exhibition

3 Objectives of the exhibition plan: To describe the Medon project in the context of other marine data collection methods To generate interest in, and engagement with, Marine Science To integrate Medon into existing exhibition strategy of the Aquarium To provide a focal point for educational programmes on marine science.

4 Ocean Lab Exhibition Plan of action: Ocean Lab situated in the Atlantic Ocean Zone of the Aquarium. Exhibition covers about 50% of the lower level of the Zone. Ocean Lab incorporates: –The public view of the Husbandry Lab including jelly & coral culture, water chemistry and live food production –A walk-through view of the 2.5million litre Western Atlantic Exhibit –A new tank beneath a glass floor replicating a research station moon pool Ocean Lab leads into the Atlantic Abyss exhibit, linked to the EU- funded HERMIONE Deep Sea programme.

5 Ocean Lab Exhibition Interpretive journey: Introduction to science – data and modelling Comparison of methods: –Lab Science –Research Vessels –ROVs –CPR/Towed –Satellite and Data Buoys –Commercial Diving –Underwater Habitats –Cabled Observatory

6 Ocean Lab Exhibition Interpretive elements: Graphics Panels Video and animations Sound headsets (underwater sounds) Objects –Diver models –ROV –CPR & Silks –Lab Equipment Animals

7 Ocean Lab Exhibition Progress: Construction of Underwater Habitat/Moon Pool 80% Refurbishment of Husbandry Lab100% Redecoration of Exhibition Areas100% Design of Interpretive Panels80% Currently translating Oceanopolis film and designing Cabled Observatory graphics panel NB: Need images of construction and deployment.

8 Ocean Lab Exhibition Completion: Completion of Animal exhibit30 June 2012 Completion of Interpretation20 July 2012

9 Education Activity Marine City Festival –8-16 th September 2012 STEMFest –Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths festival for schools –At National Marine Aquarium (10-14 th ) –2000 School Pupils MEDON Science Show –Delivered to 1000 pupils –Linked to Ocean Lab Themes –Filmed and edited for Webcasting

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