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Food Chains.

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1 Food Chains

2 Living Things Depend on Each Other

3 Making and Getting Food
Interact with environment Why do animals interact with the environment to get their food? Plants are producers What is a producer? An animal is a consumer. What is a consumer?

4 Consumers Animals cannot make their own food. Animals are consumers.
A consumer is a living thing that eats other living things. Consumers are grouped by what they eat.

5 Herbivores What are herbivores?

6 Carnivores What are carnivores?

7 Omnivores What are omnivores?

8 Decomposers What is a decomposer?

9 Review How do producers get their food?
How do consumers get their food? What are the three groups of consumers? How do decomposers help keep the environment clean? Which of the following is NOT a consumer? A. bird C. squirrel B. tree D. human

10 Food and Energy What is a food chain? Grasshoppers eat grass
All plants are producers. Frogs eat grasshoppers. The owl dies and fertilizes the plants. Owls eat frogs

11 Energy Pyramid What is an energy pyramid?
Animals that are not usually eaten by other animals Animals that eat other animals Plant-eating animals Plants

12 Review How does energy get from a producer to a meat-eating consumer?
What kind of living thing is at the top of a food chain? Where is the most food energy in an energy pyramid found? What is the source of all the energy on Earth? Which is passed in a food chain from one living thing to another? A. producers C. sunlight B. animals D. energy

13 Summary Plants and animals interact. Plants are producers.
Animals are consumers. Decomposers get food by breaking down wastes or dead things. Living things get their energy from food. Animals cannot make their own food, so they eat other living things. A food chain is the flow of food in an ecosystem from one living thing to another. An energy pyramid show that the amount of usable energy in an ecosystem is less for each higher animal in the food chain.

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