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Securing Commercial Advantage from Responsible Tourism.

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1 Securing Commercial Advantage from Responsible Tourism

2 Gold Mine

3 Consumer attitudes are changing Cultural shift - it is now cool to care Comparatively slow to trickle into the markets for big ticket items like cars and holidays Sept 2011 Travel Weekly survey found 58% of consumers were concerned about sustainability issues on holiday But awareness of social and environmental impacts likely to have increased with recent mainstream TV coverage

4 The increased awareness in environmental and social issues (particularly around food provenance, fair trade etc) is affecting what consumers want from a holiday. There is also a perceived link between quality and sustainability - if its locally grown/organic it must be better In a recession, people want more for their money. An authentic experience and a holiday that gives something back - as well as sun, sea and sand. Those selling holidays, even mainstream holidays are increasingly aiming to cater to this demand

5 There is a huge lack of understanding Keep It Simple – Stupid!


7 Keep messaging relevant to your brand, business and customers

8 Address the key issues associated with your product


10 Use your imagination


12 Be honest…

13 Remember the Whats In It For Me?

14 Demonstrate a long term commitment

15 Be consistent

16 Keep things simple Stay relevant to your brand, business and customers Address the key issues with your product Use imagination Be honest Remember the WIIFM Demonstrate commitment Be consistent In Summary:

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