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Approaching Missional Implications along the Pathway!

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1 Approaching Missional Implications along the Pathway!

2 Approaching Missional is about empowering people to share their passions on purpose in order to be the presence of Christ to others whether anyone joins our church or NOT! -Bo Prosser Approaching Missional Ambiguously Defined


4 Missional Implications Passion - Purpose & Program Story - Tradition & Innovation Journey - Growth & Sacrifice Both/And – Ambiguity & Certainty

5 Approaching Missional Passion Organizational Health 1. Clarity of Mission 2. High Morale & Trust 3. Focused Leadership


7 Stories help us illustrate with honesty and integrity the reality of GOD in the world! You cannot debate MY story! Approaching Missional The Power of Story

8 As we share stories of journey… we grow deeper relationships to help us hold on to valued traditions while embracing credible innovations related to our Faith! Approaching Missional


10 From Attracting a Crowd From Cultural Aversion To Seeking the Lost To Cultural Immersion From Programming From Competition To Empowering Passion To Collaboration Approaching Missional Journey

11 From Friendliness From Clergy-Driven To Community To People of God From Tradition From Low Tech To Innovation To High Tech & High Touch Approaching Missional Journey

12 From Member Demanding From Slot Filling To Member Liberating To Gifts Releasing From Committee Driven From Preservation To Ministry Teams To Self-sacrifice Approaching Missional Journey


14 Approaching Missional When on a long journey, you have to get beyond asking, Are we there yet? Instead, start asking, Are we making progress? McLaren, A New Kind of Christian

15 Approaching Missional Both/And The Struggle: Life is too messy to fit, Im supposed to be preaching the truth and Im not even sure what the truth is anymore. The only thing Im confident about is that I dont have all the answers anymore. McLaren

16 Approaching Missional Jesus presents us with a dream of a Community Vibrant with life Pulsating with Forgiveness Loud with Celebration Fruitful in Mission McLaren, Church on the Other Side

17 Approaching Missional Healthy Church Ministry 1. Mission 2. Morale 3. Leadership


19 People go, where they know, theyve been prepared for and are cared for! - Prosser The Missional Church

20 The Missional Church Evangelism Instead of Conquest, coercive rational Argument, emotionally intimidating Sales Pitch, imposing Crusade or aggressive Debate to WIN them to Christ… I think of this as a DANCE where everybody wins and nobody loses! Brian McLaren

21 The Missional Church So What? We must focus more on advancing the Kingdom of God and less on advancing the kingdom of our local church or ministry! -Ray Bakke


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