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Securing the Commercial Advantage from Responsible Tourism Through Marketing.

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1 Securing the Commercial Advantage from Responsible Tourism Through Marketing


3 3 In numbers Founded 2000 Holidays sold worth £62,365,243 608,681 total booking enquiries 350,000 monthly visitors Database of 150,000 people whove booked or enquired Founders of Virgin Holidays Responsible Tourism Awards

4 Underlying the market is a growing polarisation in the holidaymaker mind-set between security, luxury and convenience on the one hand and freedom, independence and authenticity on the other Mintel Oxygen Reports July 2011


6 Tourism niches + DIY travel = the new mainstream Mintel Oxygen Reports July 2011 Package holiday market share Historic90% 200347% 200938% 201039%

7 7 Whats changing.. EFM is becoming as important than VFM Experience for money vs. value for money We are seeing experience inflation What seemed a big experience 10 years ago is not now The family who went to a resort in Spain then now want to kayak or ride ponies

8 Whats changing.. The post 2 nd World War atmosphere of selective austerity, deferred desire and earned pleasure, sustainability vs. waste, a yearning for connection and contact, is recognisable once more Robert MacFarlane

9 The back-story of products is becoming more important – Who made it? – How did they make it? – With what impact on the environment and local community? Leading marketers are exploiting this… Re-connecting people who buy with people who make things.. The back story



12 12 Responsible Responsible tourism More authentic experiences that create better places to live in and to visit

13 Truthful, Original, Genuine, Sincere, Authentic, Real Authenticity

14 Authentic vs. commodity Authentic – Genuine – Real – Honest – Truthful Commoditised – Culture changed for tourist consumption – Sometimes its original meaning can be lost Places that see themselves through the eyes of tourists are lost..

15 Responsible tourism is designed... – In partnership with local communities and Government – Built around their ideas, local knowledge and experience – Built around their home, culture and ways of life – Utilising local guides, local service providers, foods, traditions.. – To provide access and support for the conservation cultural and natural heritage.. Responsible tourism provides more authentic experiences You get local insights – Enjoy the destination like someone who knows it well – Not like every other tourist briefly passing through Designing responsible tourism

16 Responsible tourism Marketing trendsResponsible tourism Deeper experiences Tells the back story of how products & experiences are made Re-connect consumers with local people & communities Authenticity Connection & contact Sustainability vs. waste Local & locally distinctive

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