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PowerPoint in the Classroom

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1 PowerPoint in the Classroom
Debbie Meadows and Bonita DeAmicis BTSA Induction Updated 1/3/06

2 Why Use PowerPoint? Engaging instructional tool
Easy to update or change Saves time Keeps speaker on topic Share lessons with colleagues Provide missed lessons via Differentiated instruction

3 PowerPoint is Useful For:
Presentations to Parents Back to School Night Open House Science Fair Kindergarten Round-up Informational meetings Lessons that provide information Send information before school begins Back to School Night, Open House Photographs, Open House Presentations, Kindergarten Round-up, Field Trip Information, student portfolios

4 Presentations to Administrators and Colleagues
Progress on standards with student examples Workshops and staff development Team units and activities Meeting agendas Classroom/School orientation Proposals Teacher portfolio Grant Proposals, Meeting Agendas, Classroom Orientation, workshops, web page content Teacher Portfolios

5 PowerPoint and Students
Instruction 1st day introduction DOL and DOM Vocabulary Games Review Remediation Extension Presentations Book reports Class books Group assignments Student portfolio Family albums “About Me” book Science experiment Instruction, Games, Review, Introduce difficult equations, science experiment Book Reports, Class or group projects, Family Albums Templates for Projects (book report), today in history build throughout the year

6 Create A Story Template
Students replace your directions with their information 6 slide presentation for title, setting, characters, plot, problem, solution Requires the ability to “save as”

7 Patricia Polacco Author Report by Debbie Meadows
Ms. Polacco writes about her family and experiences. My favorite book is Thundercake. Character comparisons Setting compare/contrast Book Report 5 slides title/author, characters, setting , plot, conclusion Author study My favorite book is Thundercake because I like to bake chocolate chip cakes with my grandmother. Patricia Polacco Artist and storyteller Author’s Website

8 Sample Alphabet Book Page
M is for mitten, money, marker, M&Ms, and me! By Marie-Claire

9 Let’s Learn About Australia
Capital: Canberra Population: 19.5 million Smallest continent Marsupials Great Barrier Reef Boomerangs Didgeridoo

10 Inspiration Graphic Student created graphs charts illustrations
graphic images Import them into PowerPoint!

11 Sample Math Activity + =

12 Sample Math Activity p.2 7 + = 3 4

13 Science Presentation Fossils in Utah Where are they? (PUSH ENTER)

14 Summit County SABER TOOTHED CAT
The SABER-TOOTHED CAT fossil was found near Park City. It is an extinct ice age animal.

15 Helmet Safety Website for more information:
Send the PowerPoint handout home for additional parent information Website for more information:

16 How to Ride A Bike Stop before riding into the street Obey STOP signs
Look before passing Use rules when riding with a friend WEAR A HELMET This slide is a little full, for a full presentation, put one rule on each slide. Use graphics to demonstrate each rule.

17 PowerPoint Basics Planning Creating Delivering Grading

18 Planning the Presentation
Storyboard your plan Complete research and find websites Create the presentation Check the spelling and save often Practice Practice with the hardware Check out the presentation room

19 Creating Presentations
Bullet points—no paragraphs Left-aligned text Contrast between words and background Fonts larger than 14 point Font size and color is consistent Use one background Graphics on the side Presenter adds the details

20 BUST!!!! There comes a time when there can actually be too much of a good thing. I don’t agree with regard to chocolate. But I do agree with regard to text and graphics on the screen.

21 Content and Instruction is greater than Flash and Entertainment
Just Remember: Content and Instruction is greater than Flash and Entertainment

22 Delivering the Presentation
Tell them what you’re going to tell them Tell them Tell them what you told them

23 Grading Student Presentations
Create an Adaptable Multimedia Rubric: State content standards Content requirements Group participation requirements Presentation development requirements Delivery of presentation State content standards,include technology Group or individual you decide How should the presentation look? Number of slides, graphics, transitions, bells and whistles Spelling and grammar counts, storyboard is critical Delivery: eye contact, audible, fluent speech, gestures, movement and enthusiasm

24 Let’s Create Slides Design Templates Text Graphics and Sound
Custom Animation Printing Options

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