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Instructional Strategies and Methods

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1 Instructional Strategies and Methods
Debbie Meadows EDEL 429 CSUB

2 How these Fit Together

3 Instructional Skills Instructional Skills Instructional Skills
Direct Instruction Interactive Learning Indirect Instruction Instructional Skills Experiential Learning Independent Study Instructional Skills Instructional Skills

4 Direct Instruction Teacher Centered: Good for teaching specific skills
Lecture Didactic questioning Explicit teaching Drill and practice--worksheets Teacher demonstrations Modeling Mini-lessons

5 Indirect Teaching Student Centered: Process and concept development is important Problem Solving Case Studies Inquiry and Research Jigsaw Reading and Viewing for Meaning Reflection Graphic Organizers, Concept Mapping, Thinking Maps

6 Experiential Learning
Really Happens: Student is actively involved Field Trips Simulations Models Games Observation Role Playing Surveys and Interviews

7 Independent Study Individual: Teacher and student create expectations
Computer Assisted learning Essays, Reports, Research Study Guides Learning Contracts Learning Centers

8 Interactive Learning Group Centered: Teacher is a part of the group
Debate Role Playing Discussion--Question and Answer Think, Pair, Share Cooperative Learning Groups of Experts Brainstorming

9 Instructional Skills Teacher brings to each lesson Explaining
Demonstrating Questioning Levels: Bloom’s Taxonomy, Multiple Intelligences Wait Time

10 Resources

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