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Welcome to TeamMates! To learn more please watch this videothis video.

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1 Welcome to TeamMates! To learn more please watch this videothis video

2 Thank you for your interest in TeamMates. TeamMates is a one to one mentoring program that matches caring adults with youth. Mentors can be a wise and trusted guide and help you be your best. Our goal is that you have a TeamMates mentor until you graduate from high school.

3 The Mission of TeamMates is to positively impact the world by inspiring youth to reach their full potential through mentoring.

4 A mentor is a caring adult volunteer that will meet with you on a weekly basis. Mentors are adults who are focused on your strengths and talents, encouraging you to be yourself and feel supported.

5 You were chosen to be a TeamMate because someone recognized your unique gifts and talents. Through TeamMates you and your mentor can further develop your strengths and learn together.

6 Youth in mentoring programs are called “mentees”. As a mentee, you meet with your mentor weekly, throughout the school year and for many years to come.

7 It’s up to you! You can play games, do a craft, learn new things and teach your mentor new things. Your mentor will keep your conversations private unless you tell them you are being hurt, plan to hurt others, or are involved in harmful behavior.

8 TeamMates matches meet with each other weekly during the school year, at school. As a school-based mentoring program we meet at the school and communicate through the school. There are some sponsored TeamMates group activities outside of school; however, those are planned by your TeamMates coordinator and require permission and paperwork.

9  Do give your mentor a chance. Take some time to get to know them.  Do teach your mentor new things – they are open to learning with you.  Do be open to new experiences. Your mentor might have a hobby or talent that you want to learn.  Do be on time and respectful.  Do share what you know or like to do with your mentor. Share your strengths!

10  Don’t miss a chance to meet with your mentor. Be sure to plan when you will meet.  Don’t connect with your mentor via social media or text/phone. As TeamMates, you meet at the school and communicate through the school.  Don’t ask your mentor for gifts or money, nor give gifts to your mentor. Time is the most valuable thing that you give in TeamMates.  Don’t hesitate to ask – let your coordinator know of any questions you may have.

11 If a Concern Arises Contact:  Safety Hotline 1-888-788-7727  TeamMates Coordinator  Your Parent  Your Counselor  Your Teacher

12 Your school coordinator is working to find the best TeamMates mentor for you. The coordinator will arrange your first meeting and introduce you. Think about some fun games and activities you and your mentor might do together during your weekly meetings. Your mentor is looking forward to meeting you!

13 Welcome to TeamMates! We are excited about the future!

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