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Dual enrollment alliances

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1 Dual enrollment alliances
KH Ms. Sheila Caldwell, TCSG October 2011

2 Vision Programs of Study
Improve transition process for students from high school to college Ensure all students are enrolled in a POS Improve transition of students from high school of college Increase number of students utilizing articulated credit KH Establish & maintain intense relationships Decrease duplication of course work

3 Carl D. Perkins Act of 2006 Source: Carl Perkins IIII, 2006
Build Intense Relationships Technical Skill Attainment Professional Development Provide transition from High School to College Source: Carl Perkins IIII, 2006

4 Building Relationships to build a better pos

5 Evaluation Solution Every technical college submitted what they had on file by June 30, 2011 Choose program with highest interest level that is also rigorous Created a POS template all colleges could utilize Work with CTAE Directors, Program Chairs and HS Initiatives Coordinators to select a POS Formal POS on file for each college did not exist POS programs with no students Did not have standard POS Form Colleges chose POS Colleges did not collaborate with high schools to create POS

6 Program of Study Process
The Program of Study Process Program of Study Process A Process Which: Establishes agreement between high school and technical college Encourages students to select and complete a career pathway Assist in seamless transition to technical college Grants college credit upon completion of courses SC



9 TCSG – High School Initiatives Web Page

10 Benefits to High Schools
How Does Uniformed POS Benefit High Schools Benefits CTAE Directors & College Deans Collaborating Evaluate high school and college curriculums Motivate students Increase student performance Earn college credit Provide efficiency for tax payers Benefits to High Schools KH

11 Benefits to Postsecondary
How Does Programs of Study benefit Postsecondary? Benefits Create postsecondary pipeline Provide early entry into workforce Instruct efficiently Enable tax payer efficiency Present college-ready student Benefits to Postsecondary KH

12 Benefits Benefits to Students KH
How Does Programs of Study Benefit High School Students Benefits Increase high school completion Transfer college credits Exposure to college courses College savings College persistence Quicker entry into the workforce Benefits to Students KH

13 Building Relationships to Celebrate Success

14 Technical College System of Georgia 2011 High School Initiatives Awards  
Dual Enrollment Alliance Award Criteria: Nominate schools systems that work collaboratively to advance College Credit Now opportunities in all service areas. State Committee will include input. Excellence in Programs of Study Criteria: Nominate Schools that have established and successfully enrolled students in selected Programs of Study. POS must have approval of technical college and high school(s). Dual Enrollment Achievement Award Criteria: High School Coordinator(s) that show highest increase in numbers from 2010 through 2011 will be selected. KMS Data Reports will be used in selection process. Leadership Award Criteria: High School Coordinators will nominate team members that have lead and contributed significantly to the group.

15 Technical College System of Georgia 2011 High School Initiatives Awards
Innovation Award Criteria: High School Coordinators will select team members that have enhanced or created processes to improve performance of the team.    DE Instructor of the Year Award Criteria: Please nominate instructor that goes over and beyond to instruct high school students in the DE program. Please forward a separate stating DETAILED EXAMPLES of why your instructor should receive the award.




19 Building Relationships with Postsecondary
University System of Georgia Southern Polytechnical Inst

20 Building Better Relationships with Postsecondary Instititions
SC Developed Task Force Consulted with Dr. John Townsend, Tennessee Collaborated with GA DOE for course selection Collaborated with Program Specialists Collaborated with faculty Databank development TCSG policy revisions Contract services with Career & Technical Education Consortium of States


22 Building with High school and college partners

23 Increasing the number of students in low-income
situations prepared to enter and succeed in college. Georgia’s College Access Challenge Grant Transforming the System, Changing Lives, Strengthening the State

24 ‘Soldiers 2 Scholars’

25 Building Relationships globally

26 Georgia Green-focused Programs of Study aligns Energy Systems
Good morning, my name is Dr. John Pritchett. I am the Middle School Curriculum Coordinator in the Career, Technical and Agricultural Education division of the Georgia Department of Education. I am also the Project Coordinator of the green-focused Program of Study Technical Assistance Academy for the state of Georgia. Georgia was one of five states selected to participate in this Academy to help states develop green-focused programs of study. Georgia chose to focus on greening our Energy Systems Career Pathway to meet our industry partners’ demands of more students choosing a career in energy. Our presentation today will cover the process and plan to increase the pipeline of students to postsecondary studies and green careers in energy. My name is Sheila Caldwell and I work for the Technical College System of Georgia as the High School Initiatives Coordinator. My role is to promote workforce development and create opportunities for high school students to earn college credit while in high school. I have worked with the Georgia Department of Education and the Board of Regents University System of Georgia for over a year to create green focused programs of study. At the Technical College System of Georgia, we have received numerous grants and have approximately 30 degrees related to green careers. I am excited to be here today and I look forward to speaking briefly about the great things we are doing to green the state of Georgia. Covering the Team, Process, and Plan to increase the pipeline of students to postsecondary studies and green careers via articulation

27 Questions ALL /presentations2011/articulationassessment2011.pptx/07/07/20011/rbs

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