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Building Blocks for Implementing the National Spatial Data Infrastructure Hank Garie Executive Director (703) 648-5569

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1 Building Blocks for Implementing the National Spatial Data Infrastructure Hank Garie Executive Director (703) 648-5569 Geospatial One Stop

2 Making it: –Easier –Faster –Cheaper Geospatial One Stop Purpose of the project: For all levels of government and the public to access geospatial information.

3 Raises the visibility of the strategic value of geographic information. Increases federal agency accountability for the stewardship and sharing of geospatial resources. Establishes a collaborative model for directing an intergovernmental initiative. Geospatial One Stop

4 Framework data standards Portal development Existing Data Inventory Data Acquisition Marketplace Geospatial One Stop Project Modules

5 Geospatial One-Stop Base Standard Transportation Elevation Cadastral Hydrography Governmental Units Orthoimagery Geodetic Control Air Rail Roads Waterways Transit Source – INCITS/L1 Framework Standards Draft Standards available at

6 202 452 7781dbuhler@sc.blm.govCadastralDon Buhler/Nancy Von Meyer 301 763 1056fbroome@geo.census.govGovernmental UnitsFred Broome 202 366 6662carol.brandt@bts.govTransportationCarol Brandt 301 713 3191Rick.yorczyk@noaa.govGeodetic ControlRick Yorczyk 770 903 9113rrpierce@usgs.govHydrographyBob Pierce 703 648 5596jcrowe@usgs.govElevationJohn Crowe 703 648 4511rfegeas@usgs.govOrthoimageryRobin Fegeas 703 648 4627jmaitra@fgdc.govBase StandardJulie Binder Maitra PhoneE-mailThemeContact Framework Standards Theme Leads

7 Establish web-based Portal for access to maps, data, and map services –Enable intuitive discovery of geospatial data –Rely on standardized web services & metadata Assist federal agencies to establish web services for Framework data Use Geo-Partnerships to bring state/local/tribal providers on-line GOS Portal & Web Services Goals

8 Support the business of government Support decision making Will improve our collective ability to: Geospatial One Stop

9 Map Services Feds Cities Counties States Support Government Business Support Decision Making Tribes User Community Data Searches Map Services Visualization GOSPortal DisasterManagement HomelandSecurityRecreation One Stop Smart Growth Citizen Services Watershed Management Other E-gov Initiatives

10 Expectations Standards Metadata Stewardship Incentives Tools Training Software Grants Geo-Partnerships Outcome: improved public services through stewardship and data sharing.

11 ... A National, Distributed GIS Implementing Geo- Partnerships Will Lead To: Feds Cities Counties States Tribes Private Sector

12 Data - gathered & maintained by jurisdiction Framework standards - harmonization of data content models Metadata - consistent and accurate descriptions of data On-line services - standardized access methods GOS Portal - gateway to distributed data holdings, map services, and metadata Users - professionals viewing and analyzing data; citizens accessing map services Decision makers - leaders acting upon geospatial information Layers of GOS Information Architecture GOS focus

13 n National Association of State CIOs n National States Geographic Information Council n National Association of Counties n National League of Cities n International City/County Managers Association n Intertribal GIS Council n Western Governors Association Department of the Interior: USGS, BLM Department of Commerce: Census Bureau, NOAA Department of Transportation NASA Geospatial One Stop Governance Geospatial One Stop Governance Intergovernmental Board of Directors

14 Board of Directors and Management Team in place Consensus process developed draft standards for 10 themes (Framework +) Portal requirements complete Federal agency data inventory underway Survey instrument for local data inventory complete Geospatial One Stop Highlights of Progress to Date

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