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Preparing for your Performance Review

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1 Preparing for your Performance Review
By Michael Mina 1/11/07 IT Careers SIG meeting

2 Scope of this presentation
Limited to standard review: one employee being reviewed by one or more reviewers (often including one's manager) Note: Not all employees are reviewed by their manager Geared toward the reviewed party Excludes 360 degree and related reviews Not geared toward the reviewer

3 Aliases Performance review Performance evaluation
Performance appraisal Annual review Annual evaluation Annual appraisal Salary review Etc.

4 Why reviews are important
Some ways are more obvious, some are less so They may impact your salary Note: There are employers that give you the same salary increase whether you have a good or bad review. They constitute feedback regarding how your performance is perceived Do you have a future in this department? Are your accomplishments underrated? Is the reviewer so off-track that you question his/her management skills?

5 Why reviews are important
They can serve as proxies for a reference from your manager You may not your manager to know you're looking for a new job However, your prospective employer may want a reference from someone who recently worked with you, or a prior manager Consider addressing their concerns by leaving a copy of your review

6 Why reviews are important
They are official documentation about you They can be used to… Prove claims that you make about your own accomplishments Justify your discipline or dismissal Your reviews are a part of your professional reputation-treat them accordingly

7 When to prepare for your review
Always, always, always Everything you do, day to day, is subject to review, so accurately and completely record what you do day by day As you perform your tasks, always think of how they can be packaged for your review, whether that's one day or one year away

8 How to prepare for your review
Review your company's policies & procedures for conducting reviews Do what company policies & procedures say (of course) Use the appropriate forms Set up the appropriate meetings etc.

9 How to prepare for your review
If there are special reviewing instructions given to you by an authorized party (e.g., reviewer or manager)… Be sure to follow them Be sure to document the deviation in instructions Understand what is expected of you when

10 How to prepare for your review
Create a list of your accomplishments Major first, then minor For each… Problems you solved Impact to organization, customers, partners, etc. Examples: Wrote queries against database - OR - Developed procedures to update the managed care system and avert the incorrect billing of 10,000 members. Also, what were you asked to do that isn't in your job description?

11 How to prepare for your review
Send this list to the reviewer in advance of your review date. If possible, attach it to the review. Always be able to document your claims Personal log, s, attachments, etc. No one cares to remember your accomplishments as much as you do Always keep this documentation separate from other files so that it's… Readily available Easy to reproduce

12 How to prepare for your review
Consider separating electronic copies as well Note: Be careful not to violate any company policies in doing this. List any other topics you may want to discuss at the review Promotion opportunities New responsibilities Training Other goals you have for the upcoming period

13 What constitutes a good review?
One with no surprises-you should have received performance feedback regularly One which accurately evaluates your performance One which constructively suggests areas in which you can improve One in which your own career objectives are discussed

14 What constitutes a bad review?
One where you receive negative feedback for the first time One which does not accurately evaluate your performance One which results in employee disengagement

15 What to do during the review
Listen carefully to what is said/not said For what are you being praised? For what are you being criticized? Take good notes Carefully consider your words If appropriate, consider sharing credit for the praise you receive-you are a team player Project an image of being open to improvement

16 What to do during the review
Consider negotiating for… A better increase A better rating But be prepared to justify them Always act in a professional manner, regardless of what happens

17 Responding to a bad review
When possible, delay your response. Take more time to study the review Review what the reviewer wrote, together with your own notes Make sure that your reviewer explains each critical comment. Example: If he/she claims something was late, determine the actual due date. Did the due date change? When did it change? Beware of acting in the heat of the moment Give your reviewer the opportunity to change his/her mind and decide in your favor without looking like a fool

18 Responding to a bad review
Alternative: Express some concern immediately, and say you'll want time to read the review more closely Does your company/department normally give tough reviews? If you're convinced that there are untrue claims, schedule a meeting to discuss with them with the reviewer Be prepared to substantiate your claims

19 Responding to a bad review
What if you can't get the review changed? Is there an appeal process? Should you discuss with your manager (if he/she is not the reviewer)? Your manager's manager? If your reviewer wants to get rid of you, are you powerful enough to stay? In a state with employment at will, like Ohio, your options are limited

20 Signing a bad review Consider carefully the pros and cons of doing this Look for written policies that state your signature does not necessarily constitute agreement Regardless of official statements, non-signers may be blacklisted

21 Signing a bad review Continued resistance to an unjust review can damage your career more than just accepting it and moving on Possibilities to consider carefully: Write an addendum to the review to substantiate your disagreement Send an to the reviewer substantiating your disagreement

22 Consolation for a bad review
The salary increase difference between a good and a bad review may not be too great in one year Future interviewers at other companies will probably never see it Your references will probably never see it

23 Conclusion Always prepare for your review using the steps listed here
Understand your employer's review policies Be aware of the importance of your accomplishments, not just the accomplishments Do not overreact to a bad review-plan your response carefully and rationally, not emotionally

24 Thank you

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