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Conclusion Emily McIntyre. Agenda Tourism Planning Sustainable Development Bali Summary.

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1 Conclusion Emily McIntyre

2 Agenda Tourism Planning Sustainable Development Bali Summary

3 Tourism Planning Demand Concentrate tourists Spatial and temporal imbalances Few attempts to measure successes and future of tourism Failure to measure goals adequately Who is benefiting from tourism development?

4 Planning Continued Conflicting perspectives of tourism Type of tourist activity determines impact Sustainability and alternative development policies considered More attention to social and environmental benefits Mitigate existing negative impacts of tourism

5 Tourism activity Manipulate tourist activity Diversify tourist activity Research methods Project-based Issue-based Qualitative

6 Case Study: Bali Area rich in cultural resources

7 Development Considerations Public participation Public concerns voiced Public interest protected Environmental Impact statements Policies that reflect interests Research social impacts

8 Bali Sustainable Development Project (BSDP) Problems: Coastal resorts in the south consuming their resources Increasing pressure leading to resource scarcity Social Implications Effect on traditional cultures Inappropriate tourist behaviour/activity

9 3 Features of of BSDP 1.Continuity of natural resources and production 2.Continuity of cultural resources and the balancing of cultural interests 3. Enhancement of the quality of life

10 Sustainable Development Assessment Criteria 1. Ecology Integrity-Compatible Infrastructure 2. Efficiency-Alternative paths, Public convenience 3. Equity-Recognition of Needs, Participation 4. Cultural Integrity-Preservation and renewal of life 5. Community-Involvement in development and supporting activities 6. Balance-Reflecting of Balinese trilogies 7. Realization of potential-Improve quality of life

11 Workshop in Bali Assess suitability Address types of tourism of tourism activities Exchange of ideas and information Working together Encourages involvement from multiple stakeholders Formal agreements based on mutual respect

12 Summary Largest and fastest growing industry New age tourism and the physical and social implications Economic benefits dominate Fragmented industry and research Combine with other research in other disciplines

13 Final Thought… Those who can benefit the most from tourism are the most likely vulnerable to the consequences

14 Questions What would your future recommendations be to policy makers or tourism stakeholders involved in development? How has this course changed your perception of the tourism industry? How has this course changed you as a tourist?

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