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Moto: Coming to America

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1 Moto: Coming to America
Case Study 8 International Management Moto: Coming to America SAM – Summary of Case Chris Allan Sian Hughes Samantha Kempthorne Emily McIntyre

2 Definition of Topic Cultural Communication Internationalism Noise
Intercultural Negotiation National Culture Globalisation Decision-Making Process CHRIS

3 Contrasting Variables
Dimension Japan U.S.A. GLOBE Non-assertive Assertive Future-oriented Less Future-oriented Hofstede Uncertainty Avoidance Low Uncertainty Avoidance Collectivist Individualist Trompenaar Particularistic Universalistic Neutral Affective Diffuse Specific Ascription Achievement Context High Context Low Context Communication Ningensei Adversarial Feedback Delayed Immediate CHRIS

4 QUESTION 1 What was Moto’s purpose & agenda for the first meeting with Crowell? How does he try to implement his agenda? Contact Building Trust Gift giving Building Relationships Taking Negotiation to Next Step Being Ambassador for KKD CHRIS

5 QUESTION 2 What happened to introduce noise into the communication from Moto to Crowell, and vice versa? SAM Noise is defined as anything that serves to undermine the communication of the intended meaning.

6 Elements of Noise from Case Study
Noise transmitted from Crowell to Moto. Introduction Business card Boasting Interrupting Moto First Name basis Noise transmitted from Moto to Crowell. Speech and Reflection Language barrier SAM

7 QUESTION 3 What was the significance of the dolls? What went wrong?
Unique cultural gift & kind gesture Relationship Building Symbolism Cultural differences & cause for controversy Common ground for courtesy Example of differences in Japanese and American business EM

8 QUESTION 4 Why did Crowell’s remarks about Allmack threaten a loss of face from Moto’s perspective?
Relationship building vs. Status building Humiliation Threat of loss of face American efficiency vs. Japanese negiotiations Implications EM

9 QUESTION 5 How did Moto feel about Kubushevsky’s behaviour early on
QUESTION 5 How did Moto feel about Kubushevsky’s behaviour early on? How did their relationship change? Initially, George was amiable & polite, but not interested in forming deeper relationship. During their first drinking session, George & Moto opened up to each other. Created mutual respect Formed more intimate bond Moto felt comfortable with George & thankful for his friendship & valuable lessons. SIAN

10 George & Moto’s Relationship
Polite, Business-like Awkward, One-sided Friendly, Trusting, Respectful SIAN

11 Negotiation CHRIS

12 Cultural Variables in the Decision Making Process

13 CONCLUSION Ideal intercultural communication Applied to Case Study
Careful Encoding Selective Transmission Careful Decoding of Feedback Follow-up Actions Applied to Case Study Managers must be aware of how culture is reflected in communication Be culturally sensitive to avoid miscommunications. Adjust own communication style to convey messages successfully to a receiver. SIAN

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