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Static, Dynamic, Flat, Round Other types of character.

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1 Static, Dynamic, Flat, Round Other types of character

2 Why know this? Every character falls into a type of character We’ve already done protagonist and antagonist Now we’re ready for dynamic or static and flat or round

3 Flat or Round A Flat Character is one who has only one or two character traits These characters have no depth and are usually an archetype, such as villain, and can be summed up in a few words A Round Character is one who has many character traits His character has various qualities and is complex, more like a real person Most main characters are round

4 Static or Dynamic A Static Character remains the same throughout the story This character undergoes no change in thought or personality when involved in conflict A Dynamic Character undergoes a change as a result of learning from conflict. A dynamic character starts the story one way and then will have had a revelation that changes his or her views

5 Famous Characters Ebenezer Scrooge Creulla Deville Jack Sparrow The seven dwarfs Frodo Your examples

6 Flat Described easily Usually minor character Used as a simple reference to contrast the main character

7 Round Usually the main character Can be described in many ways The many characteristics usually help create conflict and overcome it

8 Static Always stays the same When other characters change this person stays the same to make a point Often also minor characters or used for a specific purpose

9 Dynamic Usually the main character or an important character This person’s change is usually the point of the story and comes through in the resolution Can be a villain who is saved from disaster at the end

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