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X420 – Advantage Session Building an Employment Focused Website Discussion Session.

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1 X420 – Advantage Session Building an Employment Focused Website Discussion Session

2 Index Why? Unorthodox Resource Basic Rules Idea 1: Clickable Resume Idea 2: Online Portfolio Idea 3: Info Repository Idea 4: Showing Off Setting up my webpage Tools available HTML, briefly

3 Why an Employment Based Website? attachment is a problem creativity is important to provide more information create more possibilities Why

4 Unorthodox Resource Imagine the following dialogue: - Hey do you know someone who could fill in this position? - I know a friend of my cousin’s dog sitter who’s about to graduate from the Kelley school and is looking for a job… - Can you ask them to send their resume? - I will look into that Resource

5 Common Sense Basic Rules No use of copyrighted material No links to sites you don’t want your future boss to see or to relate to you No use of foul language or heavy criticisms No abuse of bells and whistles Not recommended links to personal pictures or to blogs (online journals) Rules

6 Idea 1: Clickable resume Idea 1

7 Idea 1: Clickable resume Idea 1

8 Idea 1: Clickable Resume Period: XX/YY – XX/YY National Agency for Telecommunications (Anatel) Brasília, Brazil Telecommunications Engineer XXX (detailed job assignments) XXX Reason for leaving: resigned for personal reasons. Supervisor Contact: Mr. John Boss, (+55 61) 323 7865 Idea 1

9 Online Resumes Idea 1

10 Online Resumes Idea 1

11 Idea 2: Online Portfolio Marketing major Skilled in artistic drawings Skilled in computer-aided drawing Skills that express your creativity in ways that can be displayed through pictures –build a website that links to actual projects with which you were involved Idea 2

12 Idea 2: Online Portfolio Idea 2

13 Idea 3: Repository of Information Store information to choose what you want –you still want the recruiter to become aware of the rest of your experience Idea 3

14 Idea 4: To Show Off Your Skills If you are a CIS/ODT major, and you know how to operate online databases, you can either –build a website where you can show your skills Idea 4

15 Idea 4: To Show Off Your Skills Idea 4

16 How to get started? Where to store your page –University (Knowledge Base, transferring files)Knowledge Basetransferring files –Free hosts (tripod, geocities) How to build your page –UITS Classes (IT training)IT training –Software –Online guides Webmonkey NCSA's Beginners Guide to HTML Case Western Reserve University's Introduction to HTML Tools

17 Tools available At IU: –JDeveloper –Coldfusion –Dreamweaver –Shockwave –Frontpage –Publisher –Notepad –… Tools

18 HTML boosters XHTML Flash Java PERL CGI (Common Gateway Interface) CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) And much, much more… Tools

19 Basic concepts of HTML HTML: Hyper Text Markup Language A web page is composed of a text file that contains instructions that will be interpreted by the browser. HTML is the basic “communication” tool in a web page HTML

20 De-Mystifying HTML The same concept of highlighting the text and making it bold What you would otherwise do with your mouse, you do with HTML tags: IU This will appear as IU HTML

21 Basic HTML tags,, HTML

22 The CSO web page HTML

23 Example - Tables Contact Info Phone: (812) 855-5317 Fax: (812) 855-2455 E-mail: HTML

24 Finally This option is NOT meant to replace any of the traditional job search measures This option is to be used in addition to the classic job search techniques It may be better for some majors than the others Great for networking The End

25 Evaluation Questions Use: A.Strongly agree B.Agree C.Disagree D.Strongly disagree E.Don’t know 1.I found the presentation of material easy to understand. 2.This Advantage session increased my knowledge on the subject presented. 3.I will be able to use some of the information from this Advantage session in the future. 4.The presenter was well prepared for this Advantage session. 5.This presentation should be repeated in future semesters. Eval

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