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The REACT Technical High School Project Diplomado de Liderazgo y Gestión Educativa Daniel Morales, Ph.D Research Associate.

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1 The REACT Technical High School Project Diplomado de Liderazgo y Gestión Educativa Daniel Morales, Ph.D Research Associate

2 How we joined the REACT Project? ¿What is CILGE (Research Center in Educational Managament)? What were we doing? – Empirical educational research – Trying to identify leadership and management skills that are relevant in the context of Dominican public schools Supporting literature: Grissom and Loeb (2011)

3 Grissom and Loeb (2011) Grissom and Leob (2011) try to identify specific skills that school principals need to promote schools success They argue that the literature has mainly focused on two views that determine principals training policies – Instructional Leadership The principal´s role is to facilitate teaching and learning – Tranformational Leadership (Bass, 1998) The principal´s work is to inspire, motivate, and develop commitment

4 Instructional Leadership A principals role in school: – Edmonds (1979): create an atmosphere conducive to learning – McLaughlin & Marsh (1978): become involved in staff development – Brookovedr et al (1979): monitor classrooms – Leithwood & Montgomery (1982): guard teachers´ instructional time – Hallinger & Murphy (1985): anything and everything within their means to support classroom learning – Marks & Printy (2003): everything that supports the achievement of students and the ability of teachers to teach

5 A complementary approach Grissom and Loeb (2011) study the principals effectiveness by examining a broader spectrum of practice – Including what March (1978) calls the rudimentary pragmatics of making the organization function Grissom and Loeb (2011) observe that much of the principals day to day activities are not concerned with the core business of teaching and learning – March (1978): schools are bureaucracies; and as managers in those bureaucracies, much of the principal ´s time is allocated to the mundane work of making a bureaucracy work

6 A complementary approach Grissom and Loeb (2011) find five groups of task areas that principals perform in schools: – Instructional Management – Internal Relations – Organizational Managament – Administration – External Relations

7 Data and methods in Grissom and Loeb (2011) Miami Dade County More than 350 schools A rich administrative data Applied an inventory of tasks for the five areas

8 Some findings in Grissom and Loeb´s work They find that those principals that see themselves more effective in Organizational Management have systematically better school outcomes – Better performance in Miami Dade County Accountability Index, Teacher Satisfaction, Parent Climates, and Math and Reading achievement

9 Our research We replicate Grissom and Loebs study with the purpose of: – Identifying the areas and tasks that are more closely related to better outcomes in Dominican Republic We hope our findings contribute to the development of effective strategies surrounding the necessary teaching leadership and management skills for high performing school principals in the Dominican context

10 Our findings – Along the lines of Grissom and Loeb (2011), school principals that perceived themselves as more effective in Organizational Management tasks are associated with better school outcomes, as measured by national assessments – However, school principals that are more effective in Internal Relations tasks are associated with worse school outcomes

11 Some thoughts/ problems The Dominican Education System currently functions under the Instructional Leadership Paradigm – The common knowlege is biased towards the role of school principal that warrants quality teaching and learning processes Education provision for school principals is biased and does not help develop leadership and managemnet skills that contribute to school performance as a whole

12 Some thoughts/ problems Dominican Republic lacks a clear job description/ profile Nevertheless, the Ministry of Education recently applied stricter standards on the competitive examination for the school principal post Also, there is a growing concern regarding principals credentials and their and leadership and educational skills – They have a special training program for principals called: ESCUELA DE DIRECTORES (Principal School)

13 How we joined the REACT Project? We are invited to present our findings to Agustin and Gladys Navarra (CORD) INICIA Foundations concerns regarding the involvement of Principals in the Project Also, INICIA considered the monitoring of principal a necessary condition for success through empowerment

14 What did we do? We created a program to develop principals leadership and manegement skills as part of REACT Project – We call our Program Diplomado de Liderazgo y Gestión Educativa

15 Diplomado We proposed a Workshop with 96 Academic Training hours split into 6 modules Objectives – Develop leadership skills and school exemplary practices – Provide school management with tracking tools to for a stronger accountability culture – Concrete lines of action to develop and implement school projects – Integrating leadership and management practices to effectively monitor the implementation of REACT Project

16 Program ModuleAreaGrissom and Loeb Knowledge 1Introduction to Management n.a. Leadership skills Accontability 2Administrative Management Administratio n Project Management 3Organizational Management Strategic Planning 4People ManagementInternal Relations Human Resources 5Educational Management Instructional Management Instructional Leadership 6Community IntegrationExternal Relations Social Responsibility and Sustainability

17 Program Case studies are used throughout the program – Most of the case studies are developed by CILGE using Dominican examples Workshops provide tools and teach practical ways to use case studies Self- Assessment tools are administered for attendees to reflect on their work

18 Expectations Fundación INICIA already has a monitoring plan to follow the teachers A monitoring plan is in place to follow the school principal and guarantee the success of REACT Project

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