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2 Polygons Circles Congruency Similarity Points Lines Planes Geometry

3 •D •B •N Point A position in space, has no size only location
D, B and N represent points

4 Line AB represents a line Continues without end in opposite directions
• • A B AB represents a line

5 Segment DE represents a segment
Part of a line made up of 2 points and all the points of the line between the 2 points • • D E DE represents a segment

6 Ray Part of a line consisting of one endpoint and all the points of the line on one side of the endpoint F G FG represents a ray

7 What are parallel lines?
Parallel lines are lines that never intersect.

8 What are intersecting lines?
Lines that cross at any point are intersecting lines.

9 What are perpendicular lines?
Two lines that cross to form a right angle are intersecting lines.


11 Points and Lines in Real World






17 VERTEX A VERTEX is a fancy name for “angle”
Two rays or lines that have the same endpoint make a VERTEX/angle VERTEX/angles are measured in “degrees” When two lines cross, they make vertex/angles The Corners of a square are its vertex/angles

18 The Hershey & Crunch Bar are a Congruent size
CONGRUENT means the “same” CONGRUENT LINE SEGMENTS means two line segments are the same CONGRUENT Vertex/Angles means two angles are the same The Hershey & Crunch Bar are a Congruent size

19 Open your etextbook on page 33.

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