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USH 15:2 Containing Communism

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1 USH 15:2 Containing Communism
The Long Telegram George Kennan, State Dept Explanation of Soviet behavior Russians traditionally insecure Fear of the West Long-term struggle with Capitalism “containment”

2 15:2 Crisis in Iran Soviet and U.S. troops in Iran during WWII
Soviet troops refuse to leave after war Soviets demand access to Iran’s oil Truman sends USS Missouri to eastern Mediterranean Soviet troops withdraw from region

3 15:2 The Truman Doctrine U.S. sends warships to protect Turkey
Russia turns focus on straits of the Dardanelles Strategic route from Black Sea to Mediterranean U.S. sees this as Soviet move to control Middle East U.S. sends warships to protect Turkey U.S. pledges to help contain spread of communism worldwide

4 15:2 The Marshall Plan European recovery program (1947)
Sec’y of State George C. Marshall Aid given to European economies recovering from war Billions of dollars in machinery, supplies, and food

5 15:2 The Berlin Airlift U.S., Great Britain, and France combine their German zones Becomes West Germany Soviets control East Germany Try to cut off Berlin June, 1948-spring of ’49 2 million tons of supplies airlifted to city

6 15:2 NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) (1949)
Public now supports a military alliance with Western Europe North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) (1949) A mutual defense alliance Soviet response Create Warsaw Pact (Eastern Europe)

7 15:2 The Korean War Cold War spreads beyond Europe
China falls to communism Chinese Nationalists (supported by U.S.) People’s Republic of China (1949) U.S. loses main ally in the Pacific region U.S. focus on strengthening relations with Japan

8 15:2 Korean War Begins U.S. and Soviet forces in Korea after WWII
To disarm Japanese troops U.S. controls south, Soviets control north Soviets build-up north militarily Invade south (June, 1950) Truman asks United Nations to intervene

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