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Shared value with rural communities Richard Hearn.

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1 Shared value with rural communities Richard Hearn

2 From chance to enterprise The Indian Himalayas Response to cry for help Team of complementary skills Funding, private v institutional Creation of committees, co-operatives, SHGs Business structure; community to holding company

3 Community development Community tourism structure A growing role for women Inter-village relations Training in hosting, guiding, food & hygiene, housekeeping & accounting

4 Local economic benefit Guesthouse ownership and business equity Direct & indirect employment Local suppliers

5 Project to product Community need & will to engage Base line survey Market possibilities Product design for market Route to market

6 Growing niche of purposeful travel Fostering village life & traditions Cultural exchange at the core Slow journey, deep immersion Desire to repeat experience Sense of privilege

7 Shared value at the heart of the business Social enterprise Enlightened self interest Community benefit fundamental to company profit

8 The Projects Binsar Sanctuary Kumaon Hills, India Loss of traditional livelihoods & depopulation through economic migration 2006 - 5 villages, 5 guest-houses 2011 – 6 th guest-house Walking holidays

9 The Projects Saryu Valley Kumaon Hills, India Regional Govt policy to generate micro- enterprise in remote hills - partnership 2009 - 2 villages, 2 guest-houses, 1 tented camp 2012 – 3 rd & 4 th guest-houses Walking & special interest holidays

10 The Projects Thar Desert Rajasthan, India Individual entrepreneur with social concerns 2011 - 1 village, 1 guest-house, 1 mobile camp 2012 – 2 nd guest-house Holiday, living/understanding desert life

11 The Projects Sirsi Spice Gardens Karnataka, India Loss of traditional revenue, spice plantations 2010 - 1 village, 1 guest-house 2012 – 2 nd guest-house Relaxing holiday, cooking courses, gentle exploration

12 The Projects Kettuvallam on the backwaters Kerala, India Group of villages by-passed by thriving tourism market 2011 - 4 villages, 1 house-boat 2012 – 1 guest-house Relaxing holiday, journeying by boat from village to village

13 The Projects Meket & Tigray Highlands, Ethiopia Working with existing NGO, TESFA 2008 - 4 villages Meket, 4 guest-houses 2010 – 4 villages Tigray, 4 guest-houses 2012 – raising standards & developing 2 guest-houses Walking & trekking holidays

14 The Projects Ol Donyo Wasin Northern Rangelands, Kenya Working with NRT conservation trust 2012 – building 2 guest-houses with Samburu communities Walking & discovery holidays

15 Future challenges Step-up to international business Recruitment Better & stronger administration Training & standards No deflection Work in common with other environmental, conservation & socially focused businesses

16 & provide economic benefit to the host communities

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