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2 Scene Size-up → Primary Survey → History Taking → Past Medical History → Secondary Assessment → Vital Signs → Reassessment

3 Scene Size-Up

4 Initial evaluation of the scene
Continues throughout the scene

5 Initial evaluation of the scene Goals: Ensure scene safety
Part I SCENE SIZE-UP Defined: Begins with dispatch Initial evaluation of the scene Goals: Ensure scene safety To determine if patient is medical or trauma Determine total number of patients

6 Patient Assessment Scene Size-up Begins with Dispatch
demographics: residence - Pull to curbside in front of house Always remember, scene safety is a component of Scene Size-up Nature of illness: Breathing problems Number of patients: 68 year old female Considers stabilization of spine Requests additional help if necessary: ALS

7 Scene Safety Personal protection Always perform your own size-up
Observe as you approach and before getting out of the truck

8 Primary Survey Primary Survey

9 Primary Survey General Impression Determine Is this an Illness Injury
Then determine NOI MOI Age, sex, race Life Threats

10 Determine Responsiveness/level of consciousness
A V P U Chief complaint or apparent life threats Airway Patent airway Insert adjunct when indicated

11 Primary Survey Breathing Assess breathing Adequate Ventilation
Appropriate oxygen therapy

12 Primary Survey Circulation Check for pulse Assess skin condition
color, temperature, condition Assess for and control major bleeding Assess and treat for shock if present

13 Past Medical History Past Medical History S A M P L E

14 History Taking History taking; history of present illness O P Q R S T

15 Secondary Assessment Rapid Head-to-toe

16 Reassessment Trending Verbal report to transporting unit

17 Unresponsive Medical Patient
Rapid Secondary Assessment Hx. VS Responsive Medical Patient Focused Secondary Assessment

18 Vital Signs and interventions
Base-line vital signs Field impression include ALS or BLS transport decision Interventions


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