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How to Create an Electricity Timeline By: Mr. Toole.

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1 How to Create an Electricity Timeline By: Mr. Toole

2 Step 1: Gathering Information A. Open up Microsoft Word and create a table –1. Insert  Table  Insert Table…, 2 Columns, 21 rows –2. Move the center line of the table over to the left. B. Create a Header –1. Insert  Header / Footer –2. Type in “Electricity Timeline Table” –3. Double click in the main body below the header to close. C. Go to Portaportal, Under the Electronics tab, choose a Timeline or History of Electricity Link. –1. From the link, copy and paste 4 dates, facts and graphics into a table. –2. Paste Web sources in Row 21 –3. Repeat for 4 more websites

3 Step 2: Locating the Template A. Open the Internet using Mozilla Firefox. B. Go to –1. Login as a guest using TooleA1. –2. Under Electronics, Choose the PowerPoint Time Line Download. Use Ctrl-F & type in “mcd” to find it. It will have thumbs up icon beside it. –3. Use Ctrl-F & type in “mcd” to find the McDonald’s Timeline –4. Choose open with Microsoft PowerPoint (default) –5. Open the PowerPoint. C. Save to a Flashdrive –1. Insert the Flashdrive and click on File  Save As… –2. Click on My Computer  Removeable Disk (E)  Open –3. Type in your Name & the words Electricity Timeline  Save

4 Step 3: Formatting the Template A. Remove the McDonald’s Information –1. Delete the McDonald’s Graphic & Source textbox –2. The Word McDonald’s & rename it “Electricity Timeline” B. Change the Color of the Buttons: –1. Right click  Left click on Format Object  Choose color –2. Use Shift or Ctrl to format more than one at a time C. Use Ctrl-M to Insert a New Slide –1. Title it #18 for now; you will give it a date later –2. Add another slide & Title it “Works Cited” (19 total) –3. List 8+ web sources here D. Add a Works Cited Button to Slide 1 –1. Copy & Paste 1 Timeline Button Right click on the button  Copy / Paste –2. Hyperlink it to the Works Cited slide #19. Right click again on the button  Edit Hyperlink  Place in this Document  last slide –3. Rename the button “Works Cited.”

5 Step 4: Editing the Template A. To Delete a Graphic or picture, –1. Right click on the object  cut. B. Change Background to your Timeline’s colors: –1. Format  Backgrounds  Apply to Selected Slide C. Add Hyperlinks where needed: –1. Right Click on the object  Hyperlink…  Place in this Document  Locate your Slide D. Edit Hyperlinks where needed: –1. Right click  Edit Hyperlink…  Slide…  Locate your Slide –2. Right click  Remove Hyperlink E. Create a Button –1. Left click on AutoShapes  Basic Shapes  Draw a rectangle –2. Right click on the Rectangle  Add Text or Edit Text –3. Type in the Word “Menu” –4. Hyperlink the button back to the Menu slide –5. Copy and past Menu button onto Slides 2-19

6 Step 5: Adding Information A. Add Dates to your Buttons –1. On your Menu Slide, type in your 17 dates on the buttons replacing the McDonald’s dates. B. Add Facts and Dates to your Slides –1. Copy and paste your 17 Electricity dates and facts on Slides 2-18. C. Add 8 Appropriate and Relevant Graphics –1. Use Clip Art (Insert  Picture  Clip Art) or the Internet. D. Add a Title Slide at the beginning –1. Click on slide #1 and press Ctrl-M –2. Change the slide layout to “Title Slide” –3. Add an Electronics Picture as a background Save the picture to the flash drive  right click on the background  Background…  Fill Effects  Picture  Select Picture…  locate picture on the flash drive  Insert  Ok  Apply –4. Add a Title (Electricity Timeline) and byline: Your Name

7 Step 6: Double Checking Content Content: –17 facts –8 Pictures or more –8+ Web Sources or more on the last slide –Correct dates on Slide 1 –Updated info on Slides 2-18 (Dates & Facts) –4 firsts & 8 Famous People (first & last names) –0 Spelling & Grammar Mistakes PowerPoint Skills: –1 Menu button on Slides 2-19 –1 Works Cited button on Slide 1 –All Hyperlinks work correctly –Changed Button & Background Colors –1Title Slide (Title / By line) & Graphic as the background

8 Step 1: Creating a Table A. Open up Microsoft Word and create a table –1. Insert  Table  Insert Table…, –2. Choose 3 Columns, 14 rows & click OK B. Resize the Table: –1. Adjust the column widths by moving the 2 middle lines over to the left. C. Create a Header –1.Insert  Header and Footer –2. Title it “12 Electricity Terms.” –3. Double click in the main body below the header to close the header. E. Type in your Column Headings: –Term / Graphic / Definition

9 Step 2: Formatting the Table A. Shade every other row grey –Select the row  Right click on the row  Borders and Shading…  Shading Tab  Choose color B. Add Bullets –Highlight Column Rows 2-13 –Home  Paragraph  Bullets and Numbering Icon C. Erase a Cell on Row 14 –Use the Eraser to delete 1 Cell Table  Draw Table  Choose the Eraser D. Type “Works Cited” in Column 1 Row 14

10 Step 3: Gathering Information A. Go to the Internet –1. copy and paste definitions –2. Choose part of each definition to illustrate –3. Highlight yellow the key words in each definition –4. Add a graphic explaining the key words on each row. B. Paste Web sources in Row 14 C. Save your work on a USB flashdrive in your period folder –File  Save As…  My Computer  Removeable Flashdrive E  Open  Save Tip: Once saved, press Ctrl-S

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