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NHS LIFT Marion Rex / Joe Clyne Partnerships for Health / Private Finance Unit.

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1 NHS LIFT Marion Rex / Joe Clyne Partnerships for Health / Private Finance Unit

2 Consumer not organisation focus Increased and improved services in deprived areas Integrated Hub & Spoke services including social care, mental health, voluntary sector etc. Meet Health & Safety and DDA requirements Attract and retain clinicians and staff in deprived areas Attract new private sector partners in deprived areas Help deliver NHS Plan targets by complementing existing delivery vehicles LIFT Objectives

3 Partnerships for Health 50:50 Joint Venture Company National structure to establish common framework and approach –common solutions –avoid reinventing wheel Partnerships for Health will support local projects by –providing resources, planning and procurement advice and standardised documentation –spread learning across all projects –select private sector partner, negotiate agreements and set up legal and financial structures –investing in local Liftcos –ongoing influence through shareholding/Liftco Board

4 Strategic Service Delivery Plan (SSDP) Health needs of population Service developments/delivery NHS Plan targets Estates audit & strategy Capital and revenue consequences - affordability Short term plans, medium & long term vision Stakeholder commitment including StHA Consultation First tranche schemes

5 Selection Process - OJEC/PQQ/Interview Outline Planning & Brief/Tenants Requirements ITN bid (3 bidders) Outline Design/Dialogue ITN Bid Evaluation User Consultation/ Negotiations/Preferred Bidder/ Preferred Bidder Negotiations Detailed Design & Planning Establish LIFTCo Complete Strategic Service Development Plan 3 months Selecting a Partner

6 Functionality Access Space standards Character & Innovation Citizen satisfaction Internal environment Urban and social integration Performance Engineering Construction Design Evaluation

7 LIFT Structure Strategic Partnering BoardHA/PCT/LA End Users Local LiftCo PfH PSP Approval Shareholders Agreement Strategic Partnering Agreement Lease Plus

8 What will the Liftco Do? Exclusive Partner Strategic Service Planning Develop estates strategy for the area Plan and develop new property investments Lease, manage and maintain property including commercial opportunities - innovative solutions Manage delivery of the services and accommodation required locally, through –Supply chain –Market testing

9 Lease Plus Agreement Simple and Flexible Whole life costing Flexible term Direct to Users or PCT Headlease Payment - rent & pass through cost Index linked Deductions for non-availability Remedies –self-help –Link to SPA then SHA

10 Delivery Progress 1 st wave of 6 –East London LIFTCo created –5 preferred bidders selected –Remaining 5 LIFTCos to be in place by Sept 03 2nd wave (12) –4 Preferred Bidders announced –All ITNs issued and bids back 3 rd wave (24) –17 ITNs issued –All LIFTCos to be in place by Jan 2004 standard documentation updated in consultation with private sector bidders

11 LIFT Overview 3 LIFT waves by 2004 delivering... over 40 local LIFT companies, with exclusive right to… partner with local stakeholders, to... provide flexible, affordable and VFM whole life estate solutions, that… help meet national and local service objectives, achieving... commercial returns from services and investment to public and private sector in partnership.

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