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2 THIS IS A WIN/WIN FA is launching an initiative to encourage clubs and communities to think about Stadia differently The NHS is wanting to shift more services out to the community Because of the unique location of football Stadia and the power of football There is an opportunity for both parties to win

3 WHAT IS THE FA? Governing Body of Football in England Representing over 42,000 Clubs All Clubs are affiliated to the FA All Leagues are affiliated to the FA Clubs are Independent Entities The FA cannot impose but will try to further activities beneficial to the Clubs

4 TWO MAJOR OPPORTUNITIES 1.Utilisation of the physical space of Football Stadia 2.Linking health and sports activities together

5 1. UTILISATION OF PHYSICAL SPACE Undeveloped Space Underneath Stands Club House Function Halls Offices Car Parks Playing Surface Open Space Non Playing Surface Open Space Clubs generally under utilise their facilities

6 FOOTBALL STADIAS HAVE THE FOLLOWING CHARACTERISTICS Spread throughout the country Mainly in urban areas Usually has good public transport links Most have car parking Facilities have already complied with public safety requirements Stadia locations are known to the local population

7 Red – FAPL Yellow – FL1 Black – FL2 Blue – FL3 Turquoise – F Conf

8 Blue – SFL Yellow – NPL Red - IFL

9 ONGOING OPPORTUNITIES The FA is talking to Brent Health providers about the potential use of 36,000 square feet of space in the new Wembley Stadium, which has not yet been allocated a defined use. There are a number of opportunities that have already been considered:

10 Walk in Centres – Lift Projects Family Planning Clinics Occupational Health Facilities Doctor Surgeries / Health Centres Diagnostic Treatment Centres Physiotherapy Facilities Storage Facilities Temporary Office Accommodation

11 2. LINKING HEALTH AND SPORTS ACTIVITIES TOGETHER Levels of obesity in England continue to rise It is estimated that the consequences of obesity costs £0.5 Billion per annum The power of football can provide an opportunity to improve the health of sections of the population

12 MAPPING Mapping analysis can be performed by geographical areas linked to Club locations: Density of Actual Population Deprivation by Ward Participation in Football Could be tied in with NHS Mapping Information to focus appropriate health activity to appropriate Club

13 NEXT STEPS FA has majority of information on Clubs at a higher level of the football pyramid FA to provide a mapping service Interested parties to contact Jamie Magraw to determine requirements and area of interest Determination of criteria to meet health needs Options discussed with Clubs that meet the criteria FA to coordinate clubs/Health provider discussions


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