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By: Edwin, Muhammad, Ashley, Brandon, Catherine, Kashaf, and Shareena.

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1 By: Edwin, Muhammad, Ashley, Brandon, Catherine, Kashaf, and Shareena

2 1980 Referendum Parti Quebecois Quebec nationalists Rene Levesque Sovereignty-by-association Political independence Retain economic ties with Canada (Same currency, free trade, etc.) Didn’t pass, only 40% voted yes

3 Trudeau Drafted Constitution BNA Act 1867 Charter of Rights and Freedoms Patriating the constitution Means to bring the BNA act to Canada (from GB) so we can change it Needed to change law that prevented us from changing it,

4 Amending Formula Rules stating how changes to the constitution can be made 7/10 provinces or 50% of the population must agree before changes can be made Trudeau needed the amending formula so that other provinces could make changes, but a unanimous vote was difficult

5 Kitchen Compromise The Prime Minister and Premiers Literally went into the kitchen to discuss the amending formula over coffee Eventually resulted in the notwithstanding clause Premier Levesque felt betrayed because he was not included in the compromise, and felt that everyone had denied Quebec its distinct status

6 Notwithstanding Clause A Clause in the Constitution Enables Legislature or Parliament to stand on a matter even if it goes against the Charter of rights and freedoms

7 How to ‘Fix’ a Constitution Constitution Debate Ongoing political issues Over the fundamental laws of the country The division of power Inclusion of civil rights PM Mulroney wanted to make up for the Quebec exclusion Wanted to obtain Quebec's consent to the constitution

8 Meech Lake Accord Constitutional amendments Would define Quebec as a distinct society within Canada However, It was opposed by the Parti Quebecois Trudeau thought it would split Canada Might let Quebec override the constitution and deprive people of their rights

9 Elijah Harper Cree Member of Manitoba Legislature Opposed the Meech lake accord because it did not recognize Canada's aboriginal nations as a distinct society

10 Charlottetown Accord Charlottetown accord wanted to make amendments made by the government This failed because voters in Quebec voted “no” as it didn’t give Quebec enough power But in BC voted no because they thought it would give Quebec too much power

11 Lucien Bouchard and the Bloc Quebecois Lucien bouchard was the founder of the Bloc Quebecois and became Quebec's premier in 1996 Bloc Quebecois = Federal party Made to promote political succession of Quebec

12 1995 Referendum 49.4% of Quebecois voted yes to sovereignty This close vote shocked Canadians The “yes” voters from the Meech lake accord promoted the humiliation from the failed attempt there, won over voters The supreme court said that Quebec did not have the right to separate completely They needed a higher percentage And negotiate with the rest of Canada And the assorted groups of minorities living in Quebec

13 Clarity Act Act passed in 1999 which stated that any future Quebec bills to separate must have a clear majority and ask a clear question

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