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CANADA -chapter #09. What do these folks have in common?!

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1 CANADA -chapter #09

2 What do these folks have in common?!

3 Size of Canada  2 nd largest country in the world  10 provinces, 3 territories Differences  Pop. size & wealth  Provs. are self-governed while territories are controlled by the Federal govt. (Provs. have more political voice in Ottawa)  Territorial Formula Financing Federal aid given to territories to help them develop  >75% of pop. lives where?  U.S./Canadian border = world’s longest unguarded border  Megalopolis of Canada: Quebec City, Montreal, Ottawa, TORONTO!, Windsor

4 Landforms of Canada -Appalachian Mtns. -Canadian Shield = dominant landform/rich in minerals -Interior Plains -Rocky Mountains extend into British Columbia

5 CLIMATES OF CANADA -SE Canada *Humid-continental -Central *Subarctic -South Central *Semi-arid -British Columbia *Highland -Arctic *Tundra -Warmest part of Canada *SW British Columbia

6 Resources of canada -VERY rich fishing waters = Atlantic & BC -Timber exports = #5 -Canadian Shield = MINERALS! -Coal = Rocky & App. Mtns. -LOTS OF OIL = ALBERTA!

7 NEW FRANCE -First Europeans: -Vikings—Leif Ericson (1,000 CE) -British—John Cabot (1497) -French—Jacques Cartier (1535) -Goals: 1. Northwest Passage 2. Fur Trade 3. Spread the word of God

8 British North America -1713: Brits took Nova Scotia -French were “deported” -Brit./Fr. competition for Canada led to war -1756 – 1759 -British settlement increased -Provinces were fragmented until…

9 Dominion of Canada (1867): *united the fragmented provinces into one independent country  Dominion: a territory or sphere of influence  Govt: Constitutional Monarchy  Parliament: Lawmaking body Similar to U.S. Congress  Prime Minister: Head of the executive branch Similar to U.S. president  Capital city: Ottawa  Ties betw. Canada & England: 1. both have a parliament 2. both share the Queen

10 Economy of Canada  MDC  Most work in Tertiary & Quaternary industries  Free market (U.S.)  Largest trade partner?

11 Atlantic Provinces -New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland & Labrador = Canada’s hinterland *a region that lies far away from major pop. centers -separated from other “British” provinces by Quebec -Canada’s poorest region (high unemployment)

12 QUEBEC -St. Lawrence Lowlands = high pop density -Culture & Language of Quebec? -Quebecois = French-Canadians -Parti Quebecois (PQ) *Quebec’s separatist political party -Quebec Sovereignty Movement (1995)? -IF Quebec became independent? 1. Eastern provinces would be separated from others 2. Western provinces may also demand independence

13 Ontario -Wealthiest & most populated -Where do most live? -Toronto = “NYC” of Canada -Culture of Ontario? -Canada’s capital city?


15 Prairie Provinces -Prairie Provinces: -Alberta -Saskatchewan -Manitoba -Rely on natural resources -Wheat Belt of Canada -Alberta = OIL & NATURAL GAS

16 Canadian Wheat Belt

17 Athabasca Oil Sands  Fort McMurray, Alberta  Industrial jobs (Eastern Canadians)  World’s 2 nd largest oil reserves  Video (short) Video (short)  Video (long) Video (long)



20 U.S. oil imports over time

21 Green = oil pipeline *dotted = planned/under construction Red = gas pipeline *dotted = planned/under construction Blue = products pipeline (gasoline, ethylene)


23 British Columbia -Location = *Access to Pacific rim countries -Canada’s third-largest urban region = Vancouver PACIFIC COAST

24 canadian north -Federally governed Territories: *Yukon *NW Territories *Nunavut (“Our Land”) -1999: Canada ceded Nunavut to the Inuit

25 Canadian issues -Nationalism: feeling of pride/loyalty in one’s country -Regionalism: support for one’s region over one’s country -threatens to break Canada up -Separatism: belief that certain parts of a country should be independent -Conflicts: 1. Ontario & Quebec dominate Ottawa? 2. Cultural differences betw. Ontario & Quebec 3. Alberta wants to keep more oil revenues 4. BC feels left out due to distance from Ottawa


27  That’s all folks!!!

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