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Morphology General Zoology, 24 January 2011 Donald Winslow

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1 Morphology General Zoology, 24 January 2011 Donald Winslow
Readings from Hickman et al. 2011: Ch. 9 pp , ,

2 Morphology Biological hierarchy Grades of organization & body plans
Describing locations on animal bodies Body cavities & germ layers Developmental patterns Histology Body size

3 Biological hierarchy Cell Tissue Organ Organ system Organism
Population Community Nine-banded armadillo

4 Grades of organization
Protoplasmic (e.g. protozoa)‏ Cellular (e.g. colonial protists, sponges)‏ Tissue or “cell-tissue” (e.g. jellyfish)‏ Organ or “tissue-organ” (e.g. flatworm)‏ Organ system (e.g. molluscs, arthropods)‏ Luna moth

5 Body plans Unicellular protists vs multicellular animals
Protozoa vs Metazoa Cell-level vs tissue-level organization Porifera vs Eumetazoa Radial symmetry vs bilateral symmetry Sac vs “tube-within-a-tube” digestive tracts Acoelomate, pseudocoelomate, coelomate

6 Patterns of symmetry Bilateral symmetry Radial symmetry
Photo by Richard Snow

7 Describing location on animal
Anterior/posterior Dorsal/ventral Medial/lateral Distal/proximal Frontal, sagittal, and transverse planes

8 Body cavities Blastocoel Gastrocoel (archenteron)‏ Pseudocoel Coelom

9 Germ layers Endoderm Mesoderm Ectoderm

10 Developmental patterns
Cleavage—radial or spiral Gastrulation (germ layer formation)‏ Diploblastic or triploblastic Protostome or deuterostome Metamerism (segmentation)‏

11 Histology Blood plasma and interstitial fluids Tissues
Endoderm epithelium of digestive tract Ectoderm skin & nervous tissue Mesodermconnective tissue, muscles, viscera Connective tissue: collagen, blood, lymph, cartilage, bone, fat

12 Advantages & disadvantages of large body size
Predators can subdue larger prey, But larger prey can’t hide as easily. Larger animals have efficient metabolism, But use more energy. Larger animals have longer generations.

13 Humpback whale

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