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Carole Renshaw West Midlands Area Facilitator NatPaCT.

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1 Carole Renshaw West Midlands Area Facilitator NatPaCT

2 What - the Content Thinking Beyond Today The Outcomes How – The Programme

3 Guiding Principles The sum of the whole principle Individuality Leading and Learning by Design

4 What Analysis of learning styles and team composition Taking development into organisations Collective and individual focus Platform for future organisational development activities Untested demand! Learning is the process of acquiring knowledge through experience which leads to a change in behaviour

5 How Offer of a days consultancy Team of own choice NatPaCT divorced from delivery 17 out of 30 PCTs Teams varied Interpretation of programme Cancellation fees

6 Learning Styles Honey and Mumford I often act without considering the possible consequences I like the sort of work where I have time for thorough preparation I tend to solve problems using a step by step approach What matters most is whether something works in practice Activist Reflector Theorist Pragmatist

7 Plant Resource Investigato r Co-ordinator Shaper Monitor/ Evaluat or Team Worker Implemente r Completer/ Finisher Innovative Roles Harmonising Roles Leadership Roles End Product/ Delivery Roles S S S S S P P PP P Team Composition Belbin I can usually sense what is realistic and likely to work I can work well with a wide range of people Producing ideas is one of my natural assets

8 Increased awareness of self and others PCT profile – tool for change West Midlands profile ……. made it easier to understand why I feel as I do about the PEC and how I might move things forward I have really enjoyed the workshop and leave with renewed vigour in respect of my approach to the workings of the PEC ….. profiles showed changes and areas for development. The Outcomes

9 Relevance to partnership working and cross boundary initiatives Managing others Shift in learning orientation (or mis-match?) Triad of issues Learning style of learner Style / Culture of material Style / Culture of trainer Thinking Beyond Today

10 Carole Renshaw West Midlands Area Facilitator NatPaCT Tel: 07818 413 129 Learning and Teaching Styles Conflict, Collaboration or Consistency?

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