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Lesson 8.2 “The Roman Republic” Rome’s Government.

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2 Lesson 8.2 “The Roman Republic”

3 Rome’s Government

4 What were the 2 social classes in ancient Rome? Patricians and Plebeians

5 Which social class consisted of Rome’s wealthy landowners? patricians

6 What groups of peoples made up the plebeian social class? Artisans, shopkeepers and farmer s

7 Name 2 responsibilities that all Roman citizens had. 1. to pay taxes 2. to serve in the army

8 Which social class had less social status? plebeians

9 Which social class was allowed to hold public office? patricians

10 Were plebeian and patricians men both allowed to be citizens? yes

11 What is a tripartite? The 3 part government that Rome had

12 What were the names of the two twin brothers who legend says founded Rome? Romulus and Remus

13 What is the purpose of “checks and balances” in Roman government? To make sure no one part of the government got too strong

14 Who were the top government officials in the Roman Republic? consuls

15 What were the 2 main responsibilities of the consuls? 1.They ran the government 2.They headed the army

16 What were consuls allowed to do if they disagreed with another consul’s decision? They could veto it

17 How long was a term of a consul (how long were they in office?) 2 years

18 What were the main responsibilities of praetors in Rome? To interpret the law and act as judges in court

19 What is the main job of the “legislative” part of the Roman government? To make laws

20 What two groups made up the lawmaking body of government in Rome? The Senate and the Assembly of Centuries

21 Members of which social class belonged in the Senate in ancient Rome? patricians

22 Why were plebeians upset with the Roman Republic? They wanted to have more equal rights with the patricians

23 What actions did the plebeians take to try to get equal rights? They went on strike; they refused to serve in the army.

24 How did life change for plebeians after their revolt? 1. They were allowed to set up their own body of representatives 2. They were allowed to marry patricians 3. They were allowed to become consuls

25 What term was used to describe Roman leaders who were given complete control during times of emergency? dictator

26 Who is the best known early Roman dictator? Cincinnatus

27 What was Cincinnatus’ job before he became a dictator? He was a farmer

28 Approximately how long was Cincinnatus dictator of Rome? About 16 days

29 What term is used to refer to the idea that citizens have a responsibility to help their own country? Civic duty

30 What was a Roman victory parade called? A triumph

31 What was Rome’s first code of laws called? The Twelve Tables

32 How were the Twelve Tables different than earlier laws in Rome? Earlier laws were not written down.

33 Rome Expands

34 Who was Rome’s main enemy in the Mediterranean? Carthage

35 What early civilization founded Carthage? The Phoenicians

36 What was the main occupation of the Phoenicians ? They were sea traders

37 How did the people of Carthage get rich? By trading

38 What caused the First Punic War? Carthage and Rome both wanted to control Sicily

39 What major change was made to the Roman military during the First Punic War? They formed a navy to fight Carthage, which was a sea power

40 Who won the First Punic War? Rome

41 What were the results of the First Punic War ? 1.Carthage had to leave Sicily 2.Carthage had to pay a huge fine to the Romans 3.Sicily came under Roman rule

42 Where did Carthage try to expand to after their loss in Sicily? Spain

43 What caused the Second Punic War? Carthage tried to expand their empire into Spain and Rome didn’t want Carthage that close to their border.

44 Who won the Second Punic War? Rome

45 What were the results of the Second Punic War? -Carthage gave up Spain to Rome -Carthage gave up its navy -Carthage paid a large fine

46 What was Carthage’s only strength left after the Second Punic War? It was still a major trading center

47 Who won the Third Punic War? Rome

48 What were the results of the Third Punic War? Carthage became a Roman province

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