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Welcome to the Hilltop: School’s in Session. LET’S GO OVER THE BASICS.

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1 Welcome to the Hilltop: School’s in Session


3 Classes last only one semester. Fall semester runs August-December, and Spring semester runs January-May.

4 MATH 1314 Department offering the class.

5 MATH 1314 1 is Freshman level 2 is Sophomore level 3 is Junior level 4 is Senior level Level of the course Level does not dictate when you will take a class. It indicates the level of knowledge covered in the course.

6 MATH 1 3 14 Number of credit hours the class is worth.

7 Each course has a numerical credit hour value. The credit hour value is the approximate number of hours per week the course meets. Most courses are worth 3 credit hours, but there are some 1, 2, and 4 credit hour courses.

8 MATH 1314 The course number represents particular course within a department.

9 Students must take at least 12 hours to be considered a full-time student. 12-15 hours per semester is standard for most freshmen. Tuition costs the same amount for 12-18 hours.

10 120 hours is the minimum number of hours students must complete in order to graduate. Most of these hours will be fulfilled by the requirements of your degree.

11 120 hours 8 semesters 15 hours per semester = To finish your degree in 4 years (8 semesters), you would need to average 15 hours per semester.

12 So, what does a 15 hour semester schedule look like?

13 This is an example of a 15 hour freshman schedule. MOST classes adhere to the following block schedule:

14 Some courses meet Monday/Wednesday/Friday for 50 minutes…

15 …others meet Monday/Wednesday for 75 minutes…

16 …and others meet Tuesday/Thursday for 75 minutes.

17 Understand your degree plan.

18 All students complete the University’s General Education curriculum.

19 Some Gen Ed classes require a grade of ‘C’ or better in order to count toward your degree.

20 The Gen Ed curriculum also requires completion of one or more modern language courses. Ask your academic counselor for more information.

21 Some Gen Ed courses are offered exclusively at St. Edward’s and usually cannot be transferred from another institution.

22 Hours and requirements vary depending on major and type of degree.

23 It is okay if you are not decided on a major. Your academic counselor can help you explore.

24 Electives: Prerequisites: Co-requisites: classes required PRIOR to taking another class. classes that can be taken in CONJUNCTION with another class. classes not specifically listed on the degree plan. Terms you need to know

25 A minor is a secondary field of study. Most minors range from 18-24 hours. These hours are completed IN ADDITION TO your major and do not replace any major requirements. Completion of a minor is optional.

26 Familiarize yourself with the University Undergraduate Bulletin o List of majors and minors o Academic and financial policies o Course descriptions o Academic calendar o Map of campus

27 Check your University email daily, and ALWAYS include your student ID number in email correspondence.

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