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Canine Heartworm Disease: Effects and Treatments

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1 Canine Heartworm Disease: Effects and Treatments
Traci Smith Eastern Connecticut State University

2 Clinical and laboratory observations in 91 dogs infected with Dirofilaria immitis in northern Greece
Z.S. Polizopoulou, A. F. Koutinas, M. N. Saridomichelakis, M. N. Patsikas, L. S. Leontidis, N. A. Roubies, A. K. Desiris

3 Background Caused by parasite Dirofilaria immitis
Transmitted by mosquitoes Prevalent in warmer weather Prevention is available Treatment is successful

4 Three types: Type I- asymptomatic
Type II- mild to moderate clinical signs Type III- right congestive heart failure

5 Symptoms Exercise intolerance Chronic cough Weight loss
Decreased appetite Congestive heart failure Lethargy

6 Reasons for the Study To find the most efficient type of treatment
To determine the best method of detection To see the long term effects of the disease To see how well subjects recovered

7 Methods of Study Studied dogs ages 1 to 11 years
Examined medical records of 91 dogs infected with heartworm Two types of tests were ran for the detection of heartworm Parasitological test Immunological test X-rays were taken to detect damage to the heart 71 dogs were treated

8 Treatment Sodium thiacetarsamide (Caparsolate) intavenously twice daily Melarsomine hydrochloride (Immiticide) intramuscularly twice daily All were given oral ivermectin for 4 weeks

9 Treatment Results Comparison of the two treatment drugs, Caparsolate and Immiticide.

10 Stages of Heartworm and Occurrence of Death

11 Summary No differences were found in terms of drug efficacy or complication rate Both detection tests were equally accurate Some dogs treated with Caparsolate suffered kidney damage Six fatalities occurred out of 71 Only 4 dogs had lasting effects on physical performance

12 Questions?

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