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Homeostasis - metabolism

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1 Homeostasis - metabolism
Nutrition Mode Energy Source Carbon Source Photoautotroph Light CO2 Chemoautotroph Inorganic chem Photoheterotroph Organic chem Chemoheterotroph All of these nutritional modes are found among Bacteria! No other kingdom is as diverse in its metabolic pathways.

2 Photoautotrophs - photosynthesis
Ancient pathway, but not universal Cyanobacteria, Algae, Plants light CO2 + H2O  O2 + CH2O chlorophyll Purple-sulfur bacteria CO2 + H2S  Ss + CH2O

3 http://www. plantmorphogenesis. bio. titech. ac



6 Chemoautotrophs - N metabolism
Cyanobacteria, Rhizobium - N2 fixation H+ + ATP + N2  NH4+ Nitrosomonas - nitrification CO2 + NH4+  NO2- + CH2O Pseudomonas - denitrification CH2O + NO3-  N2 + CO2 + H2O Which of these processes is demonstrating chemoautotrophism?


8 Photoheterotrophs - strange
Rhodospirillum, Rhodomicrobium Light C2H4O2- + H2O  O2 + CH2O

9 http://www. acadweb. wwu

10 Chemoheterotrophs - strange
Escherichia coli and many others! CH2O + O2  CO2 + H2O Carbohydrate, etc. provides both the energy source and the carbon source What is another chemoheterotrophic organism? Give the complete Latin binomial!

11 Plant mitochondrion outer membrane inner membrane cristae (mesosomes)

12 Chemoheterotrophy Aerobic Respiration CH2O + O2  CO2 + H2O
Glycolysis carbohydrate to pyruvate Citric Acid Cycle pyruvate to carbon dioxide Electron Transport Oxidative Phosphorylation CH2O + O2  CO2 + H2O Anaerobic Fermentation Glycolysis to pyruvate Fermentive step(s) to return NAD+ to glycolysis C6H12O6  C3H3O3-  C2H5OH + CO2 C6H12O6  C3H3O3-  H3CCHOHCOO- Notice how fermentation can produce gas or acids… These are just a few of the fermentive possibilities!

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