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Animal Behavior Zoology LS2014 Spring 2008 Donald Winslow.

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1 Animal Behavior Zoology LS2014 Spring 2008 Donald Winslow

2 Approaches to Animal Behavior Comparative Psychology Ethology--adaptation Behavioral Ecology Sociobiology Evolution of Behavior Neurobiologyphysiological mechanisms

3 Adaptive benefit of behavior Camouflaged Worm-eating Warbler nest

4 Development of Behavior Environmental influences Sensitive periods Innate behavior

5 Evolution of behavior Behavioral geneticspolygenic inheritance Adaptation Inclusive fitnessincludes fitness of relatives Evolutionarily stable strategies

6 Evolution of social behavior Sexual selection Altruism Mating systems Social structure

7 Mechanisms of behavior Nervous system –Neurons –Sensory receptors –Hormones Sensory perception –Chemoreception and thermoreception –Mechanoreceptors and hearing –Vision and echolocation

8 Physiology and behavior Acclimatization Biological clocks Hormones and reproductive behavior Hibernation Migration Lunar rhythms Circadian rhythms

9 Animal learning Psychological approach Ivan Pavlovs dogs Conditioning –Acquisition –Habituation Reinforcement –Positive reinforcement –Negative reinforcement

10 Biological aspects of learning Evolutionary constraints on learning Stimulus relevance Cognitive aspects of learning

11 Instinct Konrad Lorenz and Niko Tinbergen Releasing mechanism Imprinting Displacement activities Communication Conflict

12 Decision-making Karl von Frischs honeybees –Foraging –Flower recognition –Communication Evolutionary optimality –Optimal foraging –Trade-offs –Time and energy budgets

13 Fox squirrel (Sciurus niger)

14 Mentality of animals Language and mental representation –Non-verbal communication in humans –Teaching apes and parrots to converse Intelligence, tool use, and culture –Comparative intelligence –Tool use –Culture

15 Animal awareness and emotion Self-awareness Consciousness –Donald Griffin: mental images and intention Fear and suffering

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