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XBRL Europe – CEBS workshops Jean Luc Menda - Vice Chair XBRL Europe Gilles Maguet – Secretary General XBRL Europe Tuesday 30 September 2008.

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1 XBRL Europe – CEBS workshops Jean Luc Menda - Vice Chair XBRL Europe Gilles Maguet – Secretary General XBRL Europe Tuesday 30 September 2008

2 Jurisdictional Status March 2008 Countries seeking convergence with the IASB on pursuing adoption of IFRSs Countries that require or permit IFRSs UK CA ESUS AU NZ IE JP KR BE BR PT RU SG HK NO SE PL FI IT CN IN LB CZ UA LUIASB AE NL TR GR MT FR SI HU AT Established Jurisdictions Provisional Jurisdictions Projects Ongoing DE DK ZA Focus in 2008-2009 IL CH SRB TW XBRL Europe

3 XBRL in Europe 9 established jurisdictions Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Netherland, Spain, UK, Denmark, Sweden 3 provisional jurisdictions Italy, Luxembourg, Poland, 7 to 10 in progress projects for jurisdictions Portugal, Switzerland, Norway, Finland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Greece, Turkey

4 Brief Overview of XBRL projects & commitments in Europe Country XBRL Jurisdiction Banking Regulator Balance Sheet Filing Revenue&Tax Filing National Statistics Market Regulator BelgiumEstablished DenmarkEstablished FranceEstablished GermanyEstablished GreeceIn progress IrelandEstablished ItalyProvisional LuxembourgProvisional NetherlandEstablished PolandProvisional SpainEstablished SwedenEstablished UKEstablished CEBS CESR EUROSTAT USAEstablished

5 SOME XBRL PROJECTS IN EUROPE Belgian Central Bank Belgian non-financial companies use XBRL for the drawing up of their statutory annual accounts to be filed with the National Bank (Central Balance Sheet Office - CBSO) in the form of XBRL-instance documents. Mandatory Filing CEBSCOREPFINREP- COmmon solvency ratio REPorting framework, for credit institutions and investment firms under the future European Union capital requirements regime. Mandatory Filing Commission bancaire/Banque de France Commission Bancaire has started receiving COREP and FINREP reportings in XBRL. Commission bancaire launched a new SURFI project. Mandatory Filing Government of Netherlands NTP The eGovernment program is scheduled to reduce compliance costs by 350 million per annum. The program is focussed on financial, tax and statistical reporting as well as financial services industry for credit risk filings (based on Basel II). Voluntary Filing UK Companies House Business register based on UK GAAP Taxonomy Mandatory Filing UK Inland Revenue Tax return mandatory in 20011 based on UK GAAP Taxonomy Mandatory Filing Danish Commerce and Companies Agency A full scale project that enable all Danish companies to file XBRL instance documents with the DCCA as well as with Statistics Denmark. The instance documents will contain the complete annual filings including notes Voluntary Filing Bundesanzeiger Germany Public Register for company information based on German GAAP and IFRS taxonomies Mandatory Filing Infogreffe FranceBusiness register based on French GAAPVoluntary Filing Infocamere ItalyBusiness Register based on Italian GAAPVoluntary filing Etc.

6 XBRL in Europe EUROPEAN AUTHORITIES SUPPORT: CESR note on the regulatory information storage system the 30 june 2006 Transparency directive (2004/109/EC) with a mention to XBRL Recommandation of the European Commission to prepare CESR Platform to archive the financial datas in using XBRL (October 2007) EC document on SEC cooperation where XBRL is mentioned European Parliament resolution on the use of XBRL and especially in the constitution of a EU business register (June 2008) and urging EC to assist in the implementation Euopean Commission plan to reduce administrative burden in EU by 25% and where XBRL is envisaged European Commission announcement at the last FEE congress 5th october that XBRL will play a major role in the administrative burden reduction

7 Use of XBRL technology in Europe A way to alleviate costs on corporates and all along the supply chain in all the EU countries A way to alleviate IT costs where exchange formats are always proprietary A way to unify scattered reporting and reporting technology systems in Europe in order to reinforce comparisons between the companies A way to set up European repositories which could harmonise competition within the internal EU market A way to set up European Repository for listed public companies in order to reinforce European competition vis à vis the US SEC repository which will be set up soon (CESR work and recommendations on XBRL) A way to work together between EU countries in reducing the costs in many sectors (Statistics, accountancy, banks, etc.

8 XBRL Europe A not for profit association under Belgium Law Composed of XII and the European jurisdictions Open to Direct membership direct members or association members With governance bodies (general assembly ; Chairmanship – President, VP ; Executive Committee – 4 elected members – Chairman and 2 VPs: Jan Pasmooij(NL), Jean Luc Menda(Fr), Tony Fragnito(XII), Luc Dufresne(B) - with a Secretary General Gilles Maguet Located in FEE premises (Fédération des Experts Comptables Européens) at Avenue dAuderghem, 22 – 28, B – 1040 Brussels

9 XBRL Europe Results to date The objectives at the start (June 2008): Put in place an organization, Develop the membership Launch and run working groups, Develop a strategy and liaise with European authorities and organisations

10 XBRL Europe Results to date Summary of the Results to date (4 months): Organization set up, with budget and membership fee, governance structure and admin follow up. Membership increased 5 to 8 with candidacies for direct membership 4 working groups formed liaison with European authorities and organisations started

11 XBRL Europe Membership XII & Juridictions (8 members) XBRL International, Belgium, Ireland, France, Spain – the founders Netherland, Germany, Denmark Direct association member application Global Trust Center Possibly a European professional organisation Possible next jurisdictions applications Luxembourg, Italy, Poland? Depending on By laws modification (in progress in WG 1)

12 Organisation & Working Groups WG 1 By-Laws Revision Leader Marc Hemmerling XBRL Lux SG 9 persons XBRL Europe Executive Committee, secretariat General Strategy, Operations Membres WG2 Euromarcom 10 persons WG3 Projects coordination Group Leader Bodo Kesselmeyer XBRL Germany 21 Persons WG4 Strategy & EU Liaison Working Group 10 persons

13 XBRL Europe Working Groups WG 1 – By law clarification/modification Objective : to propose new by-laws version. Leader Marc Hemmerling Members: Tony Fragnito, Gilles Maguet, Rony Vercauteren, Lars J Dyrner, Norbert Flickinger, Ignacio Boixo, Colm O hAonghusa, Noemi Di Segni WG 3 – Projects coordination group Objective : to propose and run 2/3 common projects between members like: IFRS Taxonomy extensions development Corep/Finrep simplification European Business Registry Leader Bodo Kesselmeyer Members: Derek de Brandt, Jim Keevins, Nils-Bro Müller, Thomas Klement, Eric Jarry, Lyes Mohammedi, Thomas Verdin, Steve Berdah, Bruno Tesnière, Jean Berty Hennel, Stéphane Bellanger, Stéphane Allez, Jean-luc Franck, Antoine Bourdais, Paul Snijders, Ignacio Boixo, Nathalie Gianese, Michele Romanelli, Bartosz Ochoscki, Josef Mac Donald, Maciej Piechocki, Gilles Maguet

14 XBRL Europe Working Groups IFRS Taxonomy extensions for stock listed companies to optimize the XBRL-implementation processes of European stock listed companies and to harmonize IFRS Taxonomy Extensions in Europe. Corep/Finrep simplification - HarCOFIN (CEBS) coordinator through its XBRL Network. Corep and Finrep initial CEBS taxonomies developed and mostly extended in various countries in the course of 2006-2008. Not each country has implemented all CEBS Corep and Finrep taxonomies. Each local authority extended the taxonomies according to local regulatory and legal requirements Cross-border banking institutions face numerous variances between local Finrep and Corep XBRL filings CEBS has started an initiative to harmonize Corep and Finrep, based on the current local implementations the role of this working group to join forces with the CEBS as CEBS audience is regulators only

15 XBRL Europe Working Groups European Business Registry The EU Business Registers Working (sub)Group has been created to increase the coordination and interoperability for European Business Registrars XBRL efforts and taxonomies. In order to facilitate the cross-border production and use of XBRL documents of the European Business Registers, it will : Propose a light taxonomy, to be referred in all European XBRL instance documents including companies legal and economic data. Propose methods, process and common design rules for local taxonomies and reports for Business Registers. Collaborate with the existing GCRS project which is an initiative of the European Central Register Forum in different European countries.

16 XBRL Europe Working Groups WG 2– Euromarcom Objectives : Organisation of events (19th conference in Paris!), Participation to events, Marketing material and Website Work carried out mainly in presentations for the moment To the FEE congress in Copenhagen 4/5 Sept 2008 – Jan Pasmooij, Gilles Maguet To the Global Forum the 21st October invited by the Global Trust Center Started the 29th of September Members declared : Poul Kjaer, Ralph Frank, Laure Cuquel, Frederic Chapus, Delphine Delaveau, Philippe Jouannet, Marc Olivier Lellouche, Jan Pasmoij, Richard Shiphorst, Ignacio Boixo, Gilles Maguet

17 XBRL Europe Working Groups WG 4– Strategy and EU liaison Objective: To define strategy Liaison with the European authorities, Liaison with European organisations/federations, Meetings and visits to develop, and to liaise with EU authorities and European organisations Members declared : Ole Stern Jorgensen, Thomas Küster, Luc Dufresne, Connor O'Kelly, Jean Luc Menda, Jan Pasmoij, Marc Hemmerling, Tony Fragnito, Gilles Maguet, Work carried out for the moment Visits to the European Commission DG internal Market (Pierre Delsaux official at EC) end of July through Piotr Madziar adviser to Mr Delsaux. That has lead to the announcement made by Pierre Delsaux at the FEE congress on the role of XBRL for reducing administrative burden and to the invitation to Commissioner McCreevy to speak at the 18th conf (declined) Visit to FEE officials

18 XBRL Europe Working Groups 19th XBRL Conference organisation in Paris Week of 24th June in Paris (date to be confirmed) Logistics organised by XII with the support of XBRL France Setting up of a XII programme Committee in which our WG 2 will work to define and set up : Tracks Keynote speakers from European authorities and organisations like CEBS, European Commission Etc. Reminder : 18th international conference in Washington the 14th an 15th of October 2008

19 Thank You SECRETARY GENERAL XBRL Europe Avenue dAuderghem, 22-28 B-1040 Brussels + +

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